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Welcome to the EarthSong Forum community e-zine.

The name EarthSong originated in 2004 with a book called “Dream of the Earth” by Thomas Berry, one of his many beautiful and profound meditations on ecology and God. I was at that time developing my Tarot deck but unsure of what I wanted to represent or how to portray the ideas I had: “Dream of the Earth” sounded like a perfect name, initially. I was toying with EarthDream for some time when the name EarthSong came – quite unbidden – to me. So, originally, EarthSong is the name of my personal tarot, which features the four seasons as suits, and offers a meditation on interconnectedness, between all humans, all species, and within the sacred sphere of the elements.

But then, one day, I decided I wanted a forum, too.

The concept behind the EarthSong forum is simple; the planet is our home and our responsibility, and stewardship/sustainability has to be THE primary focus of the coming times. Irrespective of our personal beliefs, ethnicity, politics or preference in dog breeds (yes there’s a lot of animal lovers at ESF) we humans are all united in one common issue; our material home and it’s various imminent crises. We all share one heart, we all share the same basic needs, we all love our children, fear annihilation, and possess in varying degrees, a desire to learn, grow and make things better.

So, ESF celebrates diversity, invites controversy, welcomes humour and lunacy in healthy doses, and aims at bringing people together with an eye to discussion, personal growth and learning,and a lot of fun. Although we feature forums on topics like nature, human health, environmental issues and Interspecies communication, there are also multiple forums that focus on a wide range of spiritual and philosophical issues,  and even an arts section. The point is not to discuss the material alone, but to blend and balance both material and spiritual, to explore all aspects of what it means to be human and seeking, on a planet that seems to be careening toward destruction, mostly of our own making.

It’s the philosophy of both Administrators and the moderating team that humour plays a huge role in keeping us all sane and humble …we hope ESF provides a place to enjoy the common ground experience of being human – that means anger and pain, fear and seeking, but also love, friendship, searching, learning and sharing the journey with one another.

We hope you enjoy this site and welcome comments, enquiries or new members to Earthsong Forums.

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About ESF e-zine

Welcome to the ESF e-zine.  Many thanks to everybody who submitted pieces to the first issue!

Each issue of the e-zine is divided into five sections:

Section 1. Arts: this includes visual art works in various mediums.

Section 2. Fiction: this includes works of short fiction and poetry.

Section 3.  Home and hearth: this section includes herbs and plant usage, information about members’ pets and recipes.

Section 4.  Non-fiction: this includes short works of non-fiction which use various methodologies such as empirical, deductive logic, personal experience, intuition and revelation or channelling from an entity.

Section 5.  Practical applications: this includes various hands-on methods such as spells, energy work, divination (e.g. tarot cards) and rituals for festivals or celebrations.

All submissions are original works by members of EarthSong forums . If you would like to submit a piece of work to the e-zine then click here for the full guidelines and then register with EarthSong forums and make a post in this thread or contact me privately by PM.

Issue #2 will be released around Imbolc or February the second. There will be a £7.50/ $12.5 prize for the best-voted previously unpublished submission for the following four sections: arts and fiction (combined), home and hearth, non-fiction, practical applications.

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