View Full Version : The Magic of Scent

  1. Essential Oil Blends
  2. Identity in scent
  3. Potpourri
  4. Personal Oil blends and favorites
  5. The Four Thieves Blend
  6. Scent of Lovers Past
  7. Roll your own.
  8. Your favourite scent/perfume, incense etc.?
  9. scent=memory=mental imagery
  10. Experimenting with Perfume and People's reactions to them
  11. Anyone else make incense?
  12. Unpleasant Scents
  13. Botanical perfumes and suppliers
  14. How vital do you think incense is to doing a ritual?
  15. Soap Making
  16. How much water should I use?
  17. These are extraordinary
  18. Pisces Potions