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  1. How often do you use divination?
  2. Crystal gazing - Random Observations
  3. How much do you relay on divination?
  4. Personality numbers(numerology)
  5. What's your pet numerology?
  6. So what year are you in?(numerology)
  7. What's so bad about asking about past lives?
  8. Are other religions an spirituality open to divination?
  9. Other forms of divination?
  10. Good Ol' Waite and me
  11. Just a random bit of cyber good for the diviner on the go
  12. How about a thread for available tarot, rune, etc. readers?
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  14. So what forms of divination do you do ?
  15. Tao Te Ching as a method of divination
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  18. Cartomancy Thread
  19. fire gazing
  20. So I need to try my new oracle out : The Heart of Faerie Oracle - volunteers?
  21. I'm really scared...am I going to die?
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  28. Do a whole spread for the poster above you
  29. "The Truth Fairy" Pendulum and Message Board
  30. Tasseography
  31. Psychic' octopus predicts victory for Spain
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  34. mah ouija!
  35. Where can I find this deck for sell?
  36. When the deck is talking about something else
  37. Crystal Divination Board
  38. Dreams
  39. Squeee!!!
  40. Numerology Chart Maker
  41. Virtual Numerologist
  42. How much power do you think Numerology has?
  43. What's in a name?
  44. Pendulum changing reponses
  45. omens
  46. What does your intuition tell you?
  47. The Empress
  48. Pendulum work
  49. I Ching
  50. Napolean's "Book of Fate"
  51. I would really like a pendulum reading from someone
  52. (Deck Review) Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards - this deck is REMARKABLE!
  53. Are there any tarot decks that relate to the Norse Pagan tradition?
  54. Changing the medium - will you still get the same answer?
  55. Yes/No Questions + Rider Waite Question
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  57. Palmistry
  58. Review: Art Through The Eyes of the Soul Oracle [cards]
  59. Animal Oracles
  60. Looking for a tarot reading plz :)
  61. Cannot figure out how to interpret this...
  62. Dilogún Readings, Santeria Divination
  63. Why do tarot decks "choose" you, and which one did choose you?
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  66. Charlie Board
  67. What Are The Pros/Cons of Using the Aleister Crowley Tarot?
  68. I Want To Get An Ouija Board
  69. Decks with multiple artists
  70. Pendulum
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  73. Fortunetelling
  74. Belline/Eltynne
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