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  2. Empathy and Energy
  3. How does your psychic side influence your path? [NPN]
  4. The BS can [NPN]
  5. Empaths! How has your empathic sensitivity developed you upon your chosen path? [NPN]
  6. Vision Interpretation Assistance [NPN]
  7. What made you think?? ~ Empath survival stories of manipulation [NPN]
  8. Psi-balls. What do you use them for? [NPN]
  9. A pool upon the ground, rippling forth... contributed inspirations [NPN]
  10. Do my eyes deceive me?? [NPN]
  11. Empathic shielding techniques [NPN]
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  14. What to do with Visions?
  15. Rough patches, intuition/empathy under stress
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  19. Intense weather and it's effects on you sensitivity [NPN]
  20. Prophetic Dreams?
  21. Clairscent [NPN]
  22. Do you see spirit animals...
  23. Books?
  24. What do our astral forms look like?
  25. Does music have an influence on your abilities? [NPN]
  26. I'm done
  27. Why do you imagine the soul is simply colors?
  28. Memories
  29. Helping the dead cross over...
  30. Your Methods for Connecting and Reading
  31. Your journal to remembering you're an adept [NPN]
  32. Someone had to have been famous or royalty...
  33. What do your random impressions tell you....
  34. Who can read Auras?
  35. I hope this does not happen, but I had a 'what if' thought tonight.
  36. Unlocking empathy
  37. How do your psychic abilities work?
  38. How often do you feel exhausted?
  39. Playful Psychic
  40. You're not like the normal folks
  41. Empathy with fictional characters?
  42. A Bit of an Experiment
  43. Read that Celeb!
  44. How honest are you in your readings and revelations?
  45. What do you feel around this place?
  46. Psychic impressions of countries, cities, towns, etc
  47. Could you please?
  48. #2 What Do You Feel Around This Place?
  49. What are you getting from this.....
  50. Empathy
  51. #3 What do you feel?
  52. Psychic Ability and Intimate Relationships
  53. A precognitive dream of sorts?
  54. Is it too soon?
  55. Do you ever get *bumped* out?
  56. Can someone.. Please?
  57. Can I get?
  58. Telepathy problems
  60. Health Reading Please? (those who are queasy about womens' issues, don't bother.)
  61. Psychic reading request
  62. Strange flow of energy
  63. Interview today
  64. Okay, with Fera's blessing I would love for everyone who wants to...
  65. Fera..
  66. For Adamantea and perhaps Nightshade_Bloom..
  67. question about 2 letters
  68. Empathy is driving me insane right now...
  69. Joining the Dots
  70. I want a reading....
  71. Reading Please (about my brother)
  72. Mini-Premonitions?
  73. Kinda bored
  74. Rate your own psychic abilities.
  75. Question for the psychics here
  76. Did any of you lot send me a message last night?
  77. Telepathic connections
  78. Psychic Chill Out Lounge
  79. How do you open youself up to telepathy?
  80. Is it possible to have a spirit guide that's currently alive?
  81. Future Children
  82. Could someone help me work out this vision?
  83. What's the best spread for past life readings?
  84. I think I may have jumped to conclusions
  85. Empathy
  86. Help, I think I'm an empath.....
  87. Potential Car Crash
  88. Feeling Different?
  89. Accuracy of Messages?
  90. Question About Past Life Connections
  91. Why Did I Stop Dreaming?
  92. How can I get back to having more comforting dreams....
  93. Are All Psychics Frauds?
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  98. Gawking at Progress! Thank You ESF Friends!
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