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  1. Spreads
  2. Reading Tarot Cards
  3. Oswald Wirth Tarot des Imagiers du Moyen Age
  4. Peeking
  5. Devil tarot card
  6. Using tarot cards in spells
  7. Abused Tarot Deck
  8. My Tarot Blog
  9. A New Spread
  10. The "I Need Help" thread
  11. "Resetting" the tarot
  12. Tarot readings
  13. The Fools Journey
  14. Do you folks...
  15. your top 10 favorite tarot card
  16. If you were a Tarot card..
  17. Looking for a Tarot book
  18. Tarot Pro (iPhone app)
  19. Personal Readings?
  20. The Angel Insight Deck
  21. Recession reading
  22. Requested reading
  23. Christian using Tarot
  24. Death Reading?
  25. reading anyone?
  26. tarot deck becomes familiar?
  27. Other Mind Tarot Reader
  28. "Dark" tarot readers
  29. Emotional Royal Court Sword Cards
  30. Character Spread
  31. Tarot Interpretation
  32. Earth Inferno Tarot Spread
  33. Tarot Card Reading (With cards this time)
  34. Tarot cards: Minor vs. Major
  35. Egyptian Initiation based on Tarot
  36. What are you favorite Tarot cards
  37. Chaotic Magick Tarot Spell!
  38. good book on tarot??
  39. Tarot Refresher
  40. Tarot Review Thread
  41. So are there any tarot deck creators...
  42. Teaching Tarot
  43. Tarot Professionals?
  44. Tarot: Meaning of one foot in water one on land
  45. Tarot reading request
  46. Native American Tarot decks
  47. Subconcious & reading for yourself, those close to you...
  48. Social Group for Advanced and Professional Readers
  49. Blind Reading Request
  50. Fantastical Tarot deck
  51. Happy Fool's Day!
  52. Do you use the book?
  53. the active tarot support thread
  54. Help with interpretation?
  55. Visual Tarot
  56. I'm using a new deck now.
  57. A wish spread
  58. Tarot and Astrology?
  59. Phantasmagoric Theatre Tarot
  60. Is it ok to ask for a reading?
  61. Visualizing the queen of swords
  62. Always surprising.
  63. Reading Request, business topic, will trade
  64. Looking for a trade reading...
  65. Reversals
  66. Aquarian Tarot Request
  67. Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards
  68. What type of deck is this?
  69. The Gypsy Fortune Telling Deck
  70. So proud of myself!!!
  71. Reputable tarot sources?
  72. An Interesting Conversation
  73. I did a Tarot reading today....
  74. Old English Tarot
  75. Thoth Tarot
  76. Need some guinea pigs for a Tarot class/workbook, all levels beginner to advanced
  77. Ace of Cups Visualization
  78. Read a card for the user above you
  79. Best Tarot deck?
  80. Help with this drawing?
  81. Can I please get a brief reading?
  82. 10 majors in one spread
  83. I feel like that I'm more advance with my tarot card reading
  84. 7 of wands?! It's confusing
  85. Tarot Reading Request
  86. Help with interpreting a reading
  87. The Chariot
  88. Changing the cards?
  89. tarot magick
  90. Is it worth it?
  91. 4 of swords
  92. Offering readings
  93. Empress....
  94. The Devil.
  95. Has This Ever Happened to You?
  96. I would like a reading please
  97. and now for something different
  98. Your favourite spreads?
  99. Past Life Reading for person above you. (NPN)
  100. NEW DECK!!! (may offer readings at some point)
  101. Astaroth Stairway
  102. Echoes of VOID!
  103. Do you have the Fantastico Viaggio di un Manichino tarot?
  104. The way I was taught to read cards..
  105. the dream my tarot card gave me
  106. Tower Of Power
  107. Do you have a favorite tarot card?
  108. What's Yyour least favorite tarot card
  109. health tarot and/or divination reading request
  110. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but
  111. Tarot Curse!
  112. musical tarot game
  113. Daily Draw (part 2)
  114. My true journey reading
  115. Interesting newer tarots
  116. Faerie Tarots
  117. Aquarian, Which Printing?
  118. What decks do you use most often?
  119. New Tarot Deck
  120. Selling Tarot Cards from money
  121. Demented Tarot Ideas
  122. A deck that describes physical types?
  123. What Do You Keep Your Deck In?
  124. 9 of Pentacles Reversed.
  125. Tarot with Turkish
  126. My first Tarot customer
  127. Prince William And Catherine Middleton Tarot Card Reading
  128. What is the most important card to you?
  129. Tarot Magick!
  130. Need help here please..
  131. Mind Tarot Reading Request
  132. Anyone want to do a blind reading on me?
  133. Sacred Circle Tarot
  134. What is your favorite spread?
  135. Playing card readings?
  136. Tarot as a Life Path - I just don't get it.
  137. Tarot reading request
  138. My future is very loony
  139. Psychic Abilities and Tarot
  140. Tarot Reading Request
  141. Hierophant
  142. blank cards
  143. How Tarot Decks Did They Make?
  144. Three card spreads
  145. analyses on tarot cards spreads
  146. 3 of swords
  147. Waite's Second Deck - an Incredible Discovery
  148. What type of tarot decks do you have
  149. Storing, cleansing and caring for tarot decks
  150. Tarot reading request please
  151. Harry Potter and tarot
  152. for someone's feelings towards me
  153. Question and Answer Spread
  154. Tarot Spreads
  155. Tarot as a card game
  156. Hospital reading
  157. Okay not exactly about tarot but just psychics in general....
  158. Readings
  159. Tarot potluck
  160. A Tarot Reading Request
  161. Offering 3 Readings
  162. 2 Questions
  163. Can Anyone Give me two Yes/No Tarot Readings
  164. Offering tarot readings
  165. First Tarot deck came in...what now?
  166. Upside-down tarot cards
  167. Calling all tarot buddies
  168. Anyone Taking this course?
  169. The Symbolist Tarot ~ The Masterpiece Deck
  170. Has anyone used...?
  171. Wondering about a deck and deck changing/transitioning...
  172. What card do you use as your archetypal signifier/the card that represents you?
  173. Wildwood Tarot - reviews anyone? Trying to decide now between this deck & DruidCraft
  174. Question about court cards
  175. Practice Questions... Need some ideas... ??
  176. Is the Wildwood Tarot not meant to have reverse meanings?
  177. Is it normal?
  178. The Problem With The DruidCraft Tarot
  179. WHO or WHAT the heck is Lo Scarabeo?!
  180. The Sentance Spread
  181. A change of heart...
  182. Studying more than one deck at a time? ...?
  183. Colette Baron-Reid Daily Draw Group
  184. Questions for tarot readers.....
  185. Favorite, unique, wonderful Tarot images
  186. Tarot Reading Request
  187. More than one, all at once.
  188. Dating or marrying a court card
  189. Top 10 Most Powerful Cards
  190. About The Swords Cards
  191. When Muggles Ask Me When I'm Getting A "Real Job".
  192. Curiosity about the Hanged Man card
  193. Your relationship of the family court cards
  194. The Wildwood tarot
  195. Reverse psychology in tarot
  196. A Tarot Dream
  197. Mind Tarot Readings
  198. Your Favorite Tarot Deck
  199. Tarot Change Your Life
  200. Fantasy Tarot Deck
  201. Gay Marriage Mind Tarot Reading
  202. The Most Unique Tarot Deck
  203. Reversed Cards As Evil
  204. Worst Tarot Card
  205. Positive And Negative
  206. I can't read this.
  207. Tarot Business
  208. Tarot Decks That You Didn't Have
  209. Tarot Decks That You Didn't Like
  210. Tarot Story
  211. Funny Reading
  212. Gender Bending Court Cards
  213. Tarot Hoarding
  214. What Do You Think of Her?
  215. Satanic Tarot Deck
  216. Robot Tarot Deck
  217. Divine Tarot
  218. Earth Magic Oracle Cards
  219. The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle
  220. Mind Tarot Reading
  221. Tarot Reading Request
  222. Why NOT let your friends touch your cards? + Question on ethics of oracle cards
  223. Tarot Reading For Children
  224. Witch Tarot Deck
  225. Cartoon Tarot Deck
  226. Bully Court Cards
  227. Sports Tarot Deck
  228. Justin Bieber Mind Tarot Reading
  229. Tracy Morgan Mind Tarot Reading
  230. Tarot: Predictable Or Unpredictable
  231. Comic Book Tarot Deck
  232. My Love Life Tarot Mind Reading
  233. Tarot: A Conspiracy?
  234. Animal Tarot
  235. Witchcraft Tarot
  236. Physical And Mental Tarot Reading Request
  237. Rare Tarot Deck
  238. Donald Sterling Mind Tarot Reading
  239. Tarot in peril
  240. Tarot Art
  241. About the swords cards
  242. Betting Tarot
  243. Physical, Mental Or Virtual Tarot
  244. Famous Tarot Readers
  245. Parenting Style Court Cards
  246. Reversed Tarot Cards
  247. Repeated Cards
  248. All Court Cards In One Spread
  249. Your Very First Tarot Deck
  250. Your Best And Worst Tarot Reading