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  1. Seal Hunt debacle
  2. It's not huge, but it's something
  3. Buddy's Torturer strikes bargain
  4. Justice for Mima
  5. Dogs and cats in asia
  6. Whale hunting to be legalized - please help
  7. Please help with this
  8. Sorry to turn your stomachs again...
  9. The Love Foundation
  10. A Victory
  11. Energy request
  12. Lancaster Sound
  13. All is not lost...
  14. Action Alert - please sign
  15. No Country for Animals
  16. Anything you can do...
  17. Some positive news, for a change
  18. Facebook needs to be accountable to animals
  19. Another victory!
  20. Anyone in the US - please
  21. Savour the Victory: No Fox North for Canada
  22. Update on Sakineh - please help
  23. Please sign, pass along
  24. Well, it's something
  25. Do something amazing right now for free
  26. Feed a hungry critter!
  27. Million Meal - Zindagi Trust USA in collaboration with WorldWide Hunger Relief
  28. This one is urgent
  29. I haven't posted in here much of late
  30. Another shocking situation - please sign and pass along
  31. Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt
  32. Petition: New threat to the Amazon
  33. Radical Direct Action: for or against?
  34. American Heart Association Heart Walk, Sponsor me please
  35. Please read and circulate
  36. NYC 1/2 Marathon for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  37. Please read, sign, pass along
  38. Another please sign and share
  39. Stop the Killing in Syria
  40. Do your part to help protect Dolphins and Whales
  41. Petition website
  42. For Dolphin lovers
  43. The Horrendous Massacre of Syrian Children
  44. Torture and abuse of dairy cows in Idaho
  45. For those that care about Gay rights, or just human decency
  46. Stop Rape Now
  47. Saving the Bees
  48. Yulin Is Back