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  1. Glastonbury Tor With Ley Line Map
  2. Paul Devereux's Website : Ley Lines
  3. Wiki's List Of Megalithic Sites
  4. Archeoastronomy Perspective
  5. Megalithic Portal With Location Maps And Photos
  6. Vulcan bringer of peace!
  7. Dolmens : Portals ?
  8. Crop Circles and ancient art
  9. Is this strange Starling behavior related to earth energies?
  10. Austrian Druids use earth energies to prevent crashes
  11. Earth's elements
  12. What types of energy to you find at sacred sites?
  13. Could electroreception in sharks lead to scientific evidence for earth energies?
  14. Salt Mine Therapy and salt cave therapy
  15. Tree And Stone Earth Magic
  16. Living off of the fat of the land........
  17. The Workings of an Ancient Nuclear Reactor
  18. Strange Geoglyphs Discovered Beneath Clearcut Amazon
  19. Ancient hominids may have been seafarers
  20. Earth Grids
  21. Megalithic Ireland
  22. Little Grandmother
  23. Tree of Life Celebration
  24. Just how Great is the Great Glen?
  25. What is the most inspiring example of Earth power to you?
  26. Dowsing
  27. Using two different crystals together....
  28. The Race to Zero Point Free Energy
  29. Are diamonds and pearls earth minerals that can be used for energy work?
  30. Australia's Stonehenge
  31. Ley Lines
  32. The Sound of Trees
  33. Finger Labyrinths
  34. Earth Day (April 22nd) / Earth Hour ( March 23rd)
  35. What do you have to celebrate today?
  36. Unknown stone circle discovered
  37. Music of the Planets