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  1. Ma'at
  2. The Ankh
  3. The Four Sons of Horus
  4. Horus and Set, Set and Horus
  5. Church of the Eternal Source
  6. Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Egyptians
  7. Kemetic Orthodoxy "The House of Netjer"
  8. Organized Religious Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Worship
  9. Fellowship of Isis
  10. Temple Harakhte
  11. Practical Egyptian Magical Spells presented by Robert K. Ritner
  12. Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magic
  13. Adorations to the Sun: Aligning energies with the Solar Divine
  14. Natron Uses and Recipe
  15. Hymn to Ra
  16. Litany to Sekhmet
  17. Wepwawet
  18. Meditations and Breathing Exercises for aligning with Air
  19. Modern Egyptian Ritual Magick
  20. Kheper/Xeper