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  1. 11 Commonalities of Shamanism
  2. The Power of Water
  3. Psychoactive Substances
  4. Earth Language
  5. Neanderthals?
  6. Tobacco
  7. significance of coyote
  8. Oneida Indian Tribe
  9. Mushroom Spirits
  10. Rock Me Amadeus!
  11. What is Bigfoot?
  12. Cali. Redwood Spirits
  13. Shapeshifting Cat
  14. Trees: Spirits of our Ancestors?
  15. Blood Memories
  16. Off and away!
  17. Shapeshifting and Transformation
  18. Logic Choice Gates
  19. Midwinter Bear Feast
  20. Wolf Spirit
  21. Community
  22. Poisonous Winter Plants?
  23. Bat Medicine
  24. Shamanism Resources
  25. My thanks and praise to Lord Indra
  26. Spirit of Tree's
  27. The course of my life…
  28. Spirits of Place
  30. A Warrior's Path or the Warrior Shaman
  31. A trip too Work
  32. A Search for an Answer
  33. Otherkin <> Shapeshifters
  34. Do You talk the talk and walk the walk or do you just Talk the Talk
  35. What is Shamanic or Green Witchcraft
  36. What is a Shamanic pathway to you?
  37. Offerings and how you do them....
  38. A spirit of place and it’s demise perhaps
  39. How do you stand when speaking to deity?
  40. Why would one need a Regalia
  41. Eagle/Bear spirits
  42. The Element of Water
  43. Men In Balance (support to warrior thread)
  44. To what sacred relic have you sworn to?
  45. What is the strangest thing you have encountered?
  46. The Sacred Place or Sacred Space
  47. What was your first indicator of what you would become?
  48. How do you define the possible realms of your realility?
  49. Have you discovered and met your shadow totem?
  50. Cleansing - Channeling and folding of ones energy.
  51. Do animals play a role in your spirituality?
  52. The Medicine Wheel......
  53. Links for Native American lore & Stories...
  54. 2 Die in Sweat Lodge at Ariz. Retreat
  55. Unexpected Visitor
  56. My (hypothetical) animal totem
  57. Did Shamanism create some of our ancesteral monsters and creatures?
  58. Find your own soul archetype
  59. Invisibility
  60. Paths or trails that we walk....
  61. Shamanic Journies.....
  62. 3 Worlds and the Sacred Hoop Magazine
  63. What is a Soul Retrieval?
  64. If you have healed a fractured soul what did you do?
  65. The forest of beliefs
  66. What would you not do?
  67. How’s your Taproot?
  68. Shaman Stone or Star Stone.
  69. Shapeshifter Question
  70. WolfMagic
  71. To be hidden from view
  72. Stones and crystals
  73. Totems - getting my thoughts out.
  74. More Crows
  75. How would you define these things....
  76. Physical Living Gateway Barriers
  77. Yesterday's Surprise.....
  78. Kiss of Goodbye or Kiss of Passing....
  79. Animisim - Thailand Spirit Houses....
  80. Shaman as healers?
  81. The eternal question
  82. A Journey experience....
  83. Shamanic Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
  84. What are your thoughts on Shapeshifting?
  85. Yucatecan Trance Induction Beats
  86. Bird Totems and other functions
  87. Missing Appendages
  88. Have you forgotten your shapeshifting as a child?
  89. Does the spirit of a deceased family member grow and age with us?
  90. What is you anmial totem ?
  91. Familiars and Totems....
  92. Some inputs please....
  93. Kenneth Meadows - shamanic experience
  94. Is it possible for humanity to become one with the planet again?
  95. seidr
  96. shamanic journeying and astral travel
  97. journeying health and safety advice
  98. Attack and the persception of being attacked...
  99. Runic Shamans
  100. Preparing Semi-Ayahuasca/Ayahuasca?
  101. Gateway Trees
  102. Lunar & Solar cycles influencing us...
  103. Just another normal day? You decide....
  104. Sacred Hoop free pdf issues
  105. calling animals etc to you
  106. What would you do if this happened to you?
  107. Totem definitions and meanings..
  108. Spiders
  109. Can you feel your guides past?
  110. East Mongolian Shamanism
  111. Wu and Shaman ..
  112. Question about projecting
  113. What looks to be a pretty descent site ..
  115. wonder of plants
  116. Excellent resource for shamanic information.
  117. Shamanism and the image of the Teutonic deity, Odinn
  118. Giving thanks to the forrest?
  119. Religions in Canada - Native Spirituality
  120. Swan Medicine
  121. Zuni Fetishes
  122. shaman discussion material from Landra Intro Post extract
  123. Water Spirits and the landscape
  124. Being taught to be a Shaman or shamanic practioner..
  125. Shape-Shifting, Riding & Horsing and Melding & Imprinting..
  126. Curandero / Curandera
  127. Brujo / Bruja (witch)
  128. Terms and meanings of some base ideas and concepts
  129. Medicine People just some thoughs on it..
  130. Shamantic costs to self..
  131. What's the highest cost you've paid?
  132. Is a _____ really worthy in a technological world?
  133. Where is the so called love?
  134. Spirit Spouse a different take on it
  135. Hawk Feather
  136. Psychopomps
  137. Something that landed in my inbox
  138. Animal Guides/Power Animals/Totem Animals, etc.
  139. Plant Spirits and Connectedness
  140. An archetype that I relate to
  141. Speaking to the Green People’s
  142. Gumby wasn't this plastic
  143. Memorial to a passed family member ..
  144. Ever have part of your yard that seems to hate you?
  145. Is a Shaman a Earth Healer?
  146. Carlos Castaneda
  147. Shamanism God
  148. Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade
  149. The Price of Admission, the Cost of Avoidance
  150. Spirit Guides VS Totems
  151. Various Shamanic type practices with some links of interest
  152. Fylgjur
  153. help needed to achieve a true shamanic journey
  154. RattleDancing
  155. Korean shamanism finds new life in modern era
  156. Confusing image...
  157. Beautiful Article from Jesse Wolf Hardin
  158. This is so weird... Raven Kaldera?
  159. Shamanism among the non-indigenous
  160. How does Spirit get your attention?
  161. 'Munay-Ki' and the Rites of Q’ero Shamanism
  162. Scandinavian Shamanism link
  163. What is a "Shaman"
  164. The dangers with shape-shifting and shift-shaping
  165. The Seven Sacred Directions and the Four (five?) Base Elements
  166. Cherokee Snakebite Remedies
  167. The Psychopomp and Doula
  168. Sandra Ingerman
  169. Another Interesting Individual
  170. A perspective of how healing with traditional use of plant medicines works
  171. Rappé Tribal Tobacco Snuff
  172. Drums and Drumming and an alternate perspective
  173. Shamanic Dreaming or Visions
  174. The Idea of Guides
  175. When the Spirits say no!
  176. Ancient Spirit Rising
  177. A Bit of a Problem