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  1. Foundational Practises: Purification
  2. Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice
  3. shielding experiences and routines
  4. Foundational Practises: Relaxation
  5. Foundational Practises: Grounding and Centering
  6. Models of Magic by Frater U.'.D.'.
  7. Foundational Practises: Meditation
  8. Grounding, Centering and Balance
  9. Golem: an artificially created human supernaturally endowed with life.
  10. Ritual
  11. The weight of magic..
  12. The Role of Faith and Idiocy
  13. Cthonic versus Celestial in sphere of influence and cancellation of abilities..
  14. Effectiveness of magick: Magick in as part of a belief system vs not.
  15. Shadow Work
  16. The Sacred Cord Meditations
  17. WM Gray, Fortune, Stewart et al (the connections)
  18. Harmonization
  19. De Generatione et Corruptione
  20. Basic Grounding and centering
  21. "Glamour"
  22. A New Year Magic
  23. Music for generating peace
  24. Music for generating war
  25. The quest for a better calendar
  26. Uncovering one's soul name
  27. Anyone have experience in banishing a hell hound?
  28. Problem since 'banishing' that spirit hound
  29. Mommet - Dolls
  30. Kolossoi - Greek Dolls
  31. Shabtis or ushebtis or shawabtis
  32. Haniwa - Tomb figurines
  33. Second Sieght seeing
  34. Purification of Self
  35. Sacred Spaces and protections..
  36. Foundational Practises: Visualization
  37. Typing vs Writing Spells and Rituals
  38. Forming good questions/demands.
  39. What would you like to see?
  40. home cleansing
  41. Meditation- 30 day trial.
  42. postures used in trance
  43. Some of my friends use salt and candles. But my gut says blood, ash, bone and earth.
  44. Disposing of items
  45. The hunt for Spiral!
  46. Basics; Circle Casting
  47. Floundering....
  48. The recommend an ebook thread
  49. Meditating/Visualization in the first person? Possible?
  50. Tracking the Moon cycles
  51. Adjusting to changed routine.
  52. Music, Song and Dance - Ceremony only?
  53. Tea Ritual
  54. Talisman's dedicated to Hecate plus others
  55. Helping out groups magically etc from a distance
  56. Ancestors, Ancestry and honoring / working with
  57. There are a bunch of magical sigils...
  58. A spell for prosperity, money and luck
  59. Question: How Do You Determine Shadow Meanings With Non-Reversed Cards/Decks?
  60. Self-Knowledge
  61. a non-annoying meditation voice?
  62. How do I begin? Need direction...
  63. Leavetaking Rituals
  64. Master Plant Dieta - Communing with the spirits of plants
  65. Ordeal Medicines and Personal Development
  66. Do you have mastery over your material or skills?