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  1. Tarot course by fera
  2. First Session - Monday, September 26
  3. Introduction Post for Intermediate Tarot
  4. What Every Tarot Reader Should Know
  5. Question for students
  6. Work for Week One: Part One
  7. Work for Week One: Part Two
  8. Work for Week One: Part Three
  9. Work for Week One: Part Four (and final!)
  10. Check-in Tuesday morning
  11. Storing, cleansing and caring for tarot decks
  12. Preparations before reading
  13. About the Exercises
  14. Question about the Power behind the cards
  15. Specific Issues in Tarot Readings
  16. Tales the cards told me
  17. A note about this course and workloads, timelines
  18. Summary of First Week
  19. Work for Week Two; The Tarot Journal
  20. Work for Week Two: the Relationship Spread
  21. Heads up to students
  22. Just for fun
  23. Answer for week one, part one; HRH
  24. Answer week one, part four; HRH
  25. Input from Students requested
  26. Brigidrose - Response To Tarot Excercise
  27. GA week one exercises responses thread
  28. Spiral - Intermediate Tarot Response Thread
  29. ffetcher - the dog ate my homework
  30. EarthlyOne Tarot Response Thread
  31. RoseRed - Homework for Intermediate Tarot
  32. General Discussion Topic
  33. Layout for Week Three: The Excalibur
  34. Exercise for Week Three: seven days of wisdom
  35. Exercises and insights: fera
  36. Befriending the scary cards
  37. Work for Week Three: more on The Fool
  38. Last Exercise for Week three; An Overview of the Minors
  39. Check-in Tuesday morning
  40. Exercise for Week Five; Turning Points and Milestones
  41. Reading for Week Five; Important Step spread
  42. Week Five
  43. Basic Energy Work for Tarot
  44. Heads up to students
  45. Week Six Exercise for the Suit of Wands
  46. Just a little work for Week Seven
  47. Update on this course