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  1. Wicca 101 course outline
  2. Welcome and Introductions
  3. 1A. What Is Wicca?
  4. 1B. Intro to Wicca Video
  5. 1C. What Do You Like or Dislike About the Intro Material?
  6. 2A. Principles of Wiccan Belief
  7. 2D. Your thoughts on the core of Wicca?
  8. 2B. The Rede of the Wiccae & The Witches' Creed
  9. 2C. Thirteen Goals of a Witch
  10. 3A - Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy, plus Views of the Divine
  11. 3B. Ethics: The Wiccan Rede
  12. 3C. The Ardanes (Witch Laws)
  13. 3D. Autonomy and Coven Structure
  14. 3E. Discussion -- Divinity, Ethics, Autonomy, Structure
  15. 4A. Book of Shadows
  16. 4B. Charge of the Goddess
  17. 4C. Other Popular Wiccan Prayers/Chants
  18. 4D. Recommendations for Books, Websites, etc.
  19. 5A. Basic Wiccan Ritual (Casting the Circle)
  20. 5B. Raising Power
  21. 5C. The Great Rite
  22. 5D. Sabbats and Esbats
  23. 5E. Discussion -- Rituals, Energy, Sabbats, Esbats
  24. 6A. Initiation
  25. 6B. Sects, Denominations, or Traditions
  26. 6C. Learning More
  27. 6D. Discussion -- Initiation, Groups, and final wrap up
  28. Satyr77's Greatest Influences...