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  1. Magic Used for Healing Animals
  2. Magical Herbalism
  3. Blessing a necklace
  4. Spiritual Housework
  5. Cleansing and Banishing
  6. Gem, crystal sources
  7. Gardening magic and weed removal
  8. 4 Celled casting spell...
  9. Spell for Self Acceptance, Renewal
  10. How long are you Rituals
  11. A spell to turn into a mermaid...(lol)
  12. Magic- when it works!
  13. Everyday Spells
  14. An Easy Way to make a Poppet for magic...
  15. Witchcraft From the Ground Up
  16. Types of Magick?
  17. So, what have YOU done lately?
  18. Witches, How much power do we really have?
  19. just for fun
  20. Spells gone wrong???
  21. Full Moon Ritual Oil
  22. Do as you will, as long as it harms no one.
  23. Binding vs protection?
  24. Thoughts on why you shouldn't cast a love spell...
  25. Need help with a protection spell
  26. How do you know when someone cast a spell on you
  27. Effective Spells and Magick
  28. Peforming Spells
  29. Curses and Hexes
  30. Resurrection Spell
  31. Summon
  32. Pantry Folk Magic
  33. A Witch who cannot Harm...
  34. Spell Begging
  35. Origin Of Magic
  36. Creating Zombies
  37. Bartmanhomer's magic thread!
  38. Satanic Magic
  39. For BartmanHomer..What Do You Think Magic Is?
  40. Hey Ladies! (WARNING: Post on Menstruation)