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  1. Vote on my Survey
  2. Why werent those planes intercepted?
  3. Israel
  4. I have a legal question, aka, The Princess KLS SSI inquiry thread!
  5. The Beast and The Smiler, on a Miserable Sunday Morning.
  6. So long, Sarah. You won't be missed.
  7. Crime & Punishment
  8. Sarah Palin the Goddess
  9. Obama ready to turn his back on GOP
  10. Apology from the Pope.
  11. An important web site
  12. What Utopia might look like
  13. Sick of Jingoism - A Rant
  14. Popular Ideas
  15. Ted Kennedy died...
  16. Do you think racism and religious intolerance is behind the President Obama ban?
  17. Sympathy for evil leaders?
  18. I have a crush on Obama....
  19. Ashcroft can be prosecuted for wrongful detention:
  20. Okay, this is funny AND accurate.
  21. I think Obama lied to us.
  22. Did you hear that a Louisiana Justice of Peace denied a couple for being interracial?
  23. The new health care plan?
  24. Honestly is my schooling and workstudy job getting in the way of me getting SSI?
  25. Civil rights for pagans
  26. Why...
  27. What is your most unpopular idea you support
  28. plant pain and morality
  29. Overpopulation-
  30. This is horrific
  31. Pedophiles acceptance movement On Youtube?! WTF?!
  32. Racism is alive and well..in..Canada?
  33. Can the LHP and RHP co exist?
  34. The British General Election 2010
  35. Palastine-Israeli War
  36. Obama Calls for Drilling...
  37. Militant Atheism
  38. Wikileaks
  39. A Prayer to Gordon Brown..
  40. New Jersey State BoE approves Pagan/Wiccan holidays for the 2010-2011 school year
  41. General Election: The Leaders' TV Debate
  42. Just another day in Iraq
  43. .. Just look at this.
  44. Whites as minorities?
  45. Anzac Day
  46. Muslim pawns freedom of speech too much!
  47. How do you fight terrorism?
  48. Westboro Baptist Church to protest at my former high school..
  49. Monsanto Legal Probe
  50. Money VS Wealth
  51. An economic alternative
  52. The International Co-operative Alliance
  53. The Abortion Hubaloo Going On in Oklahoma
  54. Moms That Support Legalization (of Pot)
  55. Conspiracy theory fun
  56. Former Legislator Makes Statement on Un-Released Eisenhower Brief
  57. Something to consider
  58. All out war
  59. Cats hold the balance of power in Britain
  60. Urgency in the Gulf
  61. Israeli raid on aid flotilla
  62. Former Spy Tells It How It Is
  63. I need to understand something
  64. Are you comfortable discussing politics?
  65. Why is America blamed for all the waste and excess of the world?
  66. The fear of guns..
  67. The Twilight of the Psychopaths
  68. John McCain's Commencement Address
  69. Definition of Politics
  70. U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade
  71. N.C. congressman Bob Etheridge attacks a student
  72. Uzbeks flee Kyrgyzstan, seek safety at border
  73. Empathy for the President
  74. U.S. Testing Pain Ray in Afghanistan
  75. Australia gets it's first female prime minister after interparty instability
  76. British Queen to visit Ireland, what do you think?
  77. A documentary you might find interesting
  78. Apparently I am a "Moonbat."
  79. G8/G20...Does this make sense to anyone?
  80. Oh Canada, our home and fascist land...
  81. Football & Politics
  82. Should broadband be a right?
  83. The Right's Money Management Myth
  84. New York welcomes Queen Elizabeth II
  85. French Politicians Vote To Ban Moslem Veil
  86. Argentina To Allow Gay Marriage
  87. Do we get more conservative with age?
  88. What issues matter the most to you?
  89. Racial slurs
  90. The United Nations.
  91. Affirmative Action
  92. Minimum Wage
  93. Killing Animals For Human Entertainment & Food
  94. An Imminent Collapse?
  95. Loose Change
  96. David Icke's speech to police and soldiers
  97. Politics Explained :)
  98. Rudolph Hess.
  99. Last full U.S. combat brigade leaves Iraq
  100. Do Pakistanis Not Count As People In Need?
  101. The Real Life Deep Throat
  102. David v. Goliath: Indian tribe in ‘stunning’ victory over mining giant
  103. Kenya's New Constitution - Hope for Africa?
  104. The war is over!!!
  105. Do you really care for the environment?
  106. I do NOT want this in Canada!!
  107. Is America going to become a Third World country?
  108. The Flobots - "We are Winning."
  109. Child porn cover-up at the Pentagon.
  110. More Racisim From Our French Friends
  111. How can this even be legal?
  112. My disclaimer
  113. Minority Australian government formed after hung parliament
  114. Florida pastor calls off Quran burning
  115. New drama: Westboro Baptist to hold Koran burning now
  116. OMG - this defies description
  117. Israeli Defense Force attacking Gaza
  118. Hands off..I mean it, no touching your no no place
  119. Copying is not theft
  120. A film about Iraq. Worth watching.
  121. Tea Party movement spreads to Britain and Australia
  122. A clip of Christine O'Donnel against cloning
  123. "Knowing" movie and the Oil Rig Explosion in the Gulf of Mexico 2010
  124. Capitis Diminutio Maxima
  125. Do Job Losses in the Public Sector Really Make Economic Sense?
  126. Individual legal sovereignty
  127. Green Political Parties
  128. Ed Milliband and Labour
  129. 9/11 Questions
  130. This came to mind today as I spoke to my mom....
  131. Hutton Public Sector pensions review to bring major reforms
  132. If it is wrong to love Keith Olbermann...
  133. ‘Vile’: Michigan Woman Taunts Dying Neighbor Girl in Sickening Feud
  134. Immigration, World Poverty and Gum Balls
  135. We disabled people aren't shirkers!
  136. War solves....
  137. Is the whole world really experiencing a recession?
  138. Money is the Defining Quality in Conservative Moral Thinking!
  139. What should government do?
  140. What is a conservative?
  141. The Spending Cuts in Britain Thread
  142. Is this true?
  143. Mexico's going green
  144. "He's NOT the Messiah..."
  145. Officer "Bubbles"
  146. The headlines are saying that Osama Bin Laden is living comfortably in Pakistan
  147. Today: 10/20/2010 was coming out day...
  148. Julian Assange on the run
  149. 75% of people claiming incapacity benefit are fit to work
  150. Can someone please explain...
  151. What is the Tea Party?
  152. Jacksonville mom shakes baby for interrupting FarmVille, pleads guilty to murder
  153. Anonymous' DDoS Attack Takes Down RIAA Site
  154. Your Political Compass
  155. Five Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do
  156. Why I consider the Tea Party a waste of time
  157. The freer the market, the freer the people.
  158. How do you decide who to vote for?
  159. Free birth control in the US
  160. Is this how politics work?
  161. New Dutch smoking laws...
  162. Christian abortion protestors harass mother of dying baby
  163. Spending cuts and VAT rise to cost 1.6m jobs, says CIPD
  164. A cracked look at voting....
  165. Rand Paul won his Senate bid in Kentucky.
  166. A USA political synopsis
  167. A video about the Republicans
  168. Does Anyone Know What Happened At The Rally To Restore Sanity/Rally to Promote Fear?
  169. The 7-Lesson Curriculum
  170. Thought for the day
  171. PETA vs Bikers
  172. Gandhi
  173. Clowns vs. the KKK/Neo-nazis ,Clowns win
  174. Lord Young quitting
  175. Stop the Cut in Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance
  176. Putin's Russia.....
  177. Hypocritical polticians....
  178. Equality commission to launch formal assessment into the Treasury's conduct
  179. Go WikiLeaks Go!
  180. Clegg blunders on fees again!
  181. favourite political system in time and space?
  182. An Open Letter to Lightworkers
  183. Noam Chomsky tells it like it is
  184. Well said, for a meat-eater :)
  185. The words we use and what do they mean?
  186. Department of Homeland Security + Walmart
  187. Is there such a thing as socio-economic limbo?
  188. Tuition Fees to rise by 2010, despite Student protests
  189. I'm starting to wish I was born after the gay rights issue has been resolved....
  190. Do you think the US is experiencing McCarthyism Again?
  191. Popular opposition to the Westborough Baptist Church
  192. On Ineffective Activism
  193. Political speech from a 15 year old
  194. Police instigating violence at UK student protests
  195. I admit it...
  196. So Much for CSI Britain!
  197. The President Can Kill You!
  198. Disabled man 'was assaulted' by police during tuition fees protest
  199. Secession potential
  200. Meet the heir of Joseph McCarthy
  201. What a load of utter hypocritical garbage
  202. USA: Founding Fathers were Antichrists says New Film
  203. Most Underreported Stories of 2010
  204. Another brilliant PR move for Catholicism
  205. Blatant, defamatory propaganda about the Internet
  206. I wonder why this would happen?
  207. It is finally happening...
  208. Dealing with anti-Semitism
  209. I know how much we love controversy
  210. A recipe for manic depression
  211. Doesn't this make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?
  212. Internet Blacklist Bill News
  213. Lib Dems not giving up, says Nick Clegg
  214. Are Americans soul searching?
  215. Was this an insult to Britain?
  216. An example of why I enjoy watching Obama
  217. Political Unrest in Tunisia Grows
  218. Peers all-nighter in epic battle for AV referendum bill
  219. Some attitudes about MLK annoy me
  220. French Romani repatriation
  221. Limits to democracy?
  222. It couldn't happen, they said
  223. Baby Doc Charged With War Crimes
  224. British ID Card are Finally Dead!
  225. The Millibands.....
  226. The Power of the Media
  227. Huge protests in Egypt
  228. Does spirit define politics,or politics define spirit?
  229. The case for change in NHS 'over-sold'
  230. The day part of the Internet died: Egypt goes dark
  231. When is rape not really rape?
  232. Fed up with the Israeli government
  233. Request for opinions
  234. American government is totally corrupt
  235. Blame the Banks, not Labour - a poll says today
  236. £1.85m overseas aid spent on Pope visit
  237. Another possible alternative for Egypt
  238. South Sudan celebrates as independence vote confirmed
  239. An Anarchist FAQ
  240. North and South Korea
  241. South Africa: President Jacob Zuma promises heaven
  242. As The Dominoes Cascade: First Egypt, Then The World
  243. MPs reject prisoner votes plan
  244. Big Brother takes a step back
  245. Riots beginning in Algeria
  246. US Jews Worry About Egypt
  247. UK arms sales to Bahrain under review
  248. Is The Attempt-To Limit Internet Freedom?
  249. Geert Wilders
  250. Robots That Kill-Remote Control War