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  1. Did Jesus exist historically?
  2. What does Jesus represent?
  3. St.Bernadette who died in Lourdes , France
  4. Oddest theology
  5. What does being Christian mean to you?
  6. Do you think that Christianity can make someone psychologically damaged?
  7. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
  8. Christians against astrology
  9. Why do Christians often set standards they can't obtain?
  10. Pope says, come here!
  11. Lilith
  12. Mixing paganism with major religions.
  13. Be honest
  14. Saints
  15. St. Patty's Day
  16. Holy Week in Christianity
  17. FBI Raids Christian Militia
  18. The vindication of Christianity
  19. Angels & other helping spirits
  20. For those who ID as Christian Pagans or the like
  21. Chant, chant, chant.
  22. How do people here interpret this?
  23. Pope Benedict says Catholics must 'do penance'
  24. So much negativity here
  25. Church Tax
  26. Noah's Ark discovered?
  27. Gospel of Thomas
  28. Favorite Prayers?
  29. Advice on helping people.
  30. Discussing ChristoPaganism
  31. My favorite piece of heresy.
  32. 'Magical Christianity' by Coleston Brown
  33. A New Kind of Christianity
  34. 'Oldest' images of Christ's apostles found in Rome
  35. Pagans and Christianity
  36. Learning the Bible
  37. Mary as the ark of the new covenant
  38. Which story in the bible is the most believable to you?
  39. Book of Job.
  40. Which Arch-Angel do you fall under?
  41. Anne Rice quits Christianity...
  42. Paul of Tarsus was a heretic
  43. Do a lot of Christian churches have American flags?
  44. The Lost Gospels
  45. Dead Sea Scrolls?
  46. Homosexuality in the Bible
  47. Christian Wisdom
  48. When you were a child in Sunday School do you remember any particular....
  49. I'm thinking of joining the Universal Untarian Church?
  50. Christmas Meditations
  51. The guilt and fear are still there
  52. Catholicism on the ropes?
  53. Firths Celtic Scotland and the age of the saints..
  54. Ethiopia as the first Christian Country?
  55. How to cure a witch: Catholic Church issues guide
  56. Kiril and Metodi
  57. Christians are becoming social pariahs in Britain
  58. Genesis.
  59. Song of Sol-Om-On
  60. Book of Numbers,4rth Book of Moses.
  61. Pope Joan
  62. Christianity Versus The Bible As Told By a Confirmed Pagan
  63. Mary Magdalene
  64. Easter
  65. "Christianity: the First Three Thousand Years"
  66. Thoughts about Christianity
  67. Obligation Day!
  68. Do you find it difficult in this current society to identify as a Christian witch?...
  69. Has the Church of England Failed?
  70. The Nativity
  71. Not Baptized?...Don't Worry, Mormons Will Baptize You After You Die.
  72. Alternative way to celebrate Easter
  73. Is Easter Story too bloody?
  74. Combining sexual with religious practices....
  75. Jesus was probably gay
  76. Christian atheism
  77. Scares of hell
  78. Woman: Priest denied me Communion at mom's funeral because I'm gay
  79. I went to an Episcopalian bible study session last night
  80. “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …'”
  81. Which testament has more merit...
  82. Are there any biblical stories that seem possible?
  83. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan William's Last Christmas Sermon
  84. Christianized Society?
  85. Pope Quits - Embraces Polytheism?
  86. Lent
  87. Wishes for Pope Francis
  88. March 17: St Gertrude's Day - Patron Saint of Cats
  89. I went to a Seder dinner for Passover tonight.
  90. Kudos for Jimmy Carter
  91. Just curious, does anyone here have a Jewish background?
  92. Christian Mysticism expands the small world
  93. This guy is the real deal
  94. Pentecostalism and Shamanism?
  95. Jesus Last Name
  96. Pretty Positive For A Pope!
  97. Interview with Pope Francis
  98. Christians don't celebrate Halloween
  99. help against Demons
  100. Hildegard von Bingen
  101. Mormonism
  102. I Got Expelled From The Church... (Basically)
  103. Christians Judge People
  104. Jesus Alignment
  105. End Of Times In The Bible
  106. Billy Graham
  107. Jehovah Witness
  108. The Whole World Is Christian
  109. Christian Witch
  110. Equinox
  111. "In The Garden": An Article on the Bible Misunderstanding
  112. I'm A True Born Again Christian
  113. Easter Sunday
  114. My Thoughts Of Doreen Virtue Convert To Christianity