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  1. Belief or Philosophy?
  2. Thank you!
  3. Freedom of Free Will
  4. Truth?
  5. Utopia
  6. Human Nature
  7. Just a read
  8. Love as the multi-dimensional universal binding force.
  9. Are You Prepared For The End Of Your Life?
  10. UP IS DOWN
  11. What is truth?
  12. Heroic people have heroic flaws
  13. On the Origin of Our Evaluations
  14. Woe is me!
  15. Life & Meaning
  16. Thoughts please
  17. One Goddess
  18. Asinus aureus
  19. Phobias
  20. Spiritual Approach : Simplicity ? Complexity ? Or ?
  21. Carpe Diem: What it means to you...
  22. Money, money, money. Moooney
  23. Where Spirit's gifts and use of them really free?
  24. Nature of lust/fears/paranoia
  25. The importance of mental liberation
  26. *A Guide for the Perplexed*
  27. Who are you? And what exactly is the core of your being?
  28. life after death, time, and quantum science
  29. YourOpinions On This?
  30. Selfish self-destruction...
  31. Skepticism and rationalizations: Moving beyond
  32. Physical constitution and Nothing.
  33. What is the difference
  34. A developing problem
  35. Something to mentally chew on.
  36. Define "Selfish"
  37. I really wish we could seperate science from its' groupies
  38. When you have left this mortal coil...What do we do with the body?
  39. Thinking about life..
  40. What is compassion?
  41. Mercy vs Compassion
  42. Differences and changes..
  43. Love and Trust
  44. How far would you go to save your life, or someone else's..
  45. Medical ethics relating to plastic surgery?
  46. An honest question
  47. Which is of more importance in the great scheme of things?
  48. How do you choose your crusades?
  49. Beauty
  50. Most people think that God is infinite. But that is incorrect.
  51. What the Bleep Do We Know.... Seriously...
  52. Important life lessons
  53. Favourite Philosophers
  54. Right,wrong, good, bad & Reletivism
  55. The Nicomachean Ethics
  56. The purpose of war strategy in a philosophical context
  57. My Wiki article on Atheism
  58. What IF
  59. Innocence
  60. Is anything we imagine real in some sense?
  61. Chauvanism is a mental illness
  62. If you could get away with one crime, what would you do?
  63. Is advancing and getting modernized all that great really?
  64. Overcoming or defeating Gravity.
  65. Emotions,Emotional crutches,Emotional Intelligence etc
  66. To stand behind the winds....
  67. Why science is so wrong
  68. A different take on life extension
  69. Classical education
  70. Do We Rely Too Much On Technology
  71. Time Likely To End Within Earth's Lifespan, Say Physicists
  72. Ever had this feeling?
  73. Do we have to get over all our bias and prejudices to become enlightened?
  74. My view of reality
  75. The best intentions gone wrong..
  76. Should biggots be shown sympathy?
  77. Another example of obnoxious atheism
  78. The Worth of Human Life
  79. Question for ESF
  80. Some times you have to wonder.
  81. How id at all is your career influcenced by your beliefs?
  82. Twin flames for self? Yeah Right!
  83. Unlocking the Mystery of Life
  84. Passionate Desire for the Enlightenment
  85. Discipline - The good, bad, and ugly
  86. Hero's Jorney
  87. I really feel that things are getting better
  88. Scientology: cult or religion or whatever?
  89. There is continuing cause for optimism
  90. Why are human attitudes about sex so screwed up?
  91. A question on how to handle something
  92. Concerning the ongoing apocalypse
  93. Objectivism (Ayn Rand)
  94. War Against the Weak: America’s Promotion of Eugenics
  95. A Philosophy Game (of sorts)
  96. Is the Economy Fundamental to our Happiness?
  97. Apatheism
  98. The Rule Golden
  99. 10 Things Atheists and Christians Must Agree On
  100. On Moral Absolutes
  101. Lama Drukpa Kuenley
  102. Did black really mean evil?
  103. Judging ancient cultures?
  104. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by negativity?
  105. Thoughts on energy and time
  106. Pacifism and Non Violence
  107. Some interesting moments
  108. Doom and Gloom?
  109. Is anyone really happy in Western society?
  110. Children Today
  111. Getting damn sick of it
  112. What does it mean to be true to yourself?
  113. The problem with love...
  114. Balance and Harmony- What do they mean to you?
  115. Solutionism
  116. Does it seem like evil is getting stronger in the world?
  117. Emotionally/Mentally Driven
  118. Universal Truths
  119. vows and oaths - your opinions
  120. Blogging and dehumanization?
  121. Honor, Integrity, Honesty - are these things dying in the world today?
  122. A message from a friend
  123. The death of Bin Laden: A different perspective
  124. Utopia
  125. General Philosophy Discussion Thread
  126. An explanation of my philosophy
  127. What makes a good leader?
  128. Growng beyond oneself..
  129. Renaissance Picture Identification
  130. What is civilization?
  131. Orch-OR (Orchestrated Objective Reduction)
  132. Beelzebub's tales to His Grandson exerts
  133. Good and Evil
  134. what motivates you?
  135. Work Ethic - perhaps an idea whose time has passed?
  136. Individual verses Community Values
  137. Percieved morality according to occupation?
  138. 7 Huna principles
  139. Types of Writers
  140. Forgiveness
  141. Belief is the Death of Intelligence.....
  142. Lack of empathy is the root of all evil
  143. Wisdom is the Death of Intelligence
  144. What's your Philosophy Type?
  145. Are you Good or Evil?
  146. Do we have Free will?
  147. Misanthropy
  148. Do we have to right to offend others?.
  149. Animals and morality
  150. IYO: What is the most ethical way to become famous?
  151. The future of work.
  152. Wild Ethics
  153. Is marriage becoming non-existent?
  154. Why is it so hard to find true wisdom....
  155. Is this the basis for prejudice?
  156. Discussion in sociology class got me thinking...
  157. Please feel free to THINK!
  158. RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilization
  159. Dying
  160. 'Killing babies is no different to abortion'
  161. Children of the gods
  162. What is love?
  163. The Question of Evil?
  164. Can Animals be Religious/Spiritual?
  165. Say No To Happiness
  166. Is Violence part of our Nature?
  167. RSA Animate - The Power of Networks
  168. Do you think it's good or bad that we try to....
  169. Ignorance verses Innocence
  170. Life's Tapestry
  171. How important is "One's Self?"
  172. The Meaning Of Life
  173. The Purpose Of God
  174. Can a Spiritual Leader be a Political Leader too?
  175. Is Atheism A Religion?
  176. Life Is Fair
  177. What makes humans separate from animals?
  178. Simply Being
  179. This is Beautiful.
  180. The Western world and Ancient Greece and Rome
  181. Hope
  182. Thought Provoking Questions
  183. What is a healer?
  184. Sacred Spirit and Its Manifestation
  185. Tested in public or private?
  186. Generation Y spirituality
  187. Heaven and Hell
  188. Existentialism
  189. Carl Jung
  190. Justice Is Fair
  191. World Peace
  192. The Human Cull
  193. Family & Soul Lineage (of spiritual gifts)
  194. Two Wrongs Make A Right
  195. Free Will "V" Predetermination
  196. Cruel World
  197. The Division
  198. What IS Evil?
  199. Evolutionary theory; my real objection
  200. Law vs. Chaos
  201. How Universal should Healthcare be?
  202. If there are moral absolutes what are they?
  203. If everything is always relative...
  204. trying to figure out nonlinear time (and reincarnation)
  205. Tolerance/political correctness
  206. Judgement
  207. Alignment
  208. Irrationality
  209. If We Live In A Complete Evil World
  210. What Is True Love?
  211. A though provoking image