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11-23-12, 02:52 AM
Hi everyone,

I've been wanting to get some opinions on an issue that's heavy in my life right now and I'd like to use my pendulum concerning the issue. The thing is, because it's about a relationship and there's a lot of heavy emotion involved. Along with that, I'm curious to know if anyone thinks you can dowse the answer to a question that your intuitive mind couldn't possibly know the solid answer to... For example: "Is he/she angry with me?" "Did he/she do this/that today?"

So, do you think it's possible to dowse answers to an unknown regarding a person, and if so, would I need to achieve an EXTREMELY detached mind in order to not influence the pendulum (perhaps even close my eyes while a friend records the answers for me to look at later). I've never really delved into relationship drama with my pendulum before and I'm not familiar with how accurate it is or even if it's worth trying at all. ...Any opinions?

11-23-12, 04:30 PM
sounds like you're not ready to let this Christian fellow go? the pendulum will reflect your own subconscious fears and desires, so to enter into that 'extremely detached mind' space you are referring to will probably require letting go of your personal interest in the matter, but then again, wouldn't that negate asking the question in the first place? you probably already know the answer to these questions without the use of a pendulum, but you are looking for a way to justify your feelings through outside divinatory indications as a way to come to terms with the situation ... just a guess.

11-24-12, 02:36 AM
Thanks. And admittedly yes, but I'm doing it for my health. I bought The Pendulum Charts Vol. 1 by Dale W. Olson which contains 50 different health related charts. I feel like I can't adequately ask about my health without including the current situation - maybe that's just me though. For instance, if I want to ask about the condition of my chakras, I know that that's going to be influenced by the situation and thus, it brings the memory to mind. And then of course the memory coming to mind could disturb the pendulum outcome. It's just going to have to be something to work around as much as possible until I can fully forget about everything.

11-24-12, 02:39 AM
Oh yeah, I would also recommend this book to anybody and everybody. The charts are really amazing and I've so far been getting very accurate results to the questions I've been asking (mainly have been using the charts on emotional health, herbs, auras and chakras).

11-24-12, 02:31 PM
I agree with Leben's assessment. :) The pendulum will reflect some of your own personal feelings and other stuff going on inside of you when you can't close yourself off well enough.

However, I also think there are unknown factors you can access with the pendulum. Simple yes/no answers about something you can't possibly know (but can be verified in some way) can be given. I usually ask some of the angels or guides or whatever to help me focus the question in such a way that I know my emotions and ideas aren't affecting the outcome. It helps me breathe to 'pray' before I ask, so to speak.

I was taught to measure the strength and openness of chakras with a pendulum, too. Never really got into the swing of things and I barely use it now, but not much can go wrong when you just focus your attention on a chakra and ask the pendulum yes/no questions again. I was told to just keep the healthy colour and form of a chakra in my head and to then ask the pendulum if this image matched the energies of the chakra itself. That worked for me.. maybe it will work for you, too..

11-25-12, 03:44 AM
I really like using Dale W. Olson's percentage charts... Let me see if I can find some images off Google to give you an example... His charts address the issue of things being much more than just 100% yes or 100% no.





11-25-12, 05:15 AM
That looks pretty good. :) For me, the strength of the 'yes' and 'no' is determined by the level of the swing. A slight 'yes' means that the circle of the swing is really small, whereas a 'big yes' has the pendulum spinning in a really wide circle. A slight 'no' means a small shake, whereas a bigger 'no' swings from left to right big time. And sometimes, the message is 'you already know this because you've asked before/because you've made up your mind already now go do something about it' and that's when it swings toward me and then away from me again. ;)

11-26-12, 02:55 AM
Lol. Mine does that which you last mentioned as well, only it does it by swinging horizontal. I also use the power of the swing to determine whether it's a... ....yes.... or a YES!!!!! The charts are SO helpful... I wish I had extra money to get everyone Christmas presents this year... I can already think of something for everyone here :p