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05-28-15, 04:00 PM
Is there a place where people actually buy real faeries?

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05-28-15, 04:20 PM
To my knowledge faeries are non-physical elemental beings... so no..

05-28-15, 04:23 PM
Buy, nope. Trade.. :p Now that's the Fae way..

05-28-15, 04:44 PM
The trade in Faeries was banned in 1350, at a council of The Church of Rome held in Paris. It was at that meeting that the Fae were freed from the fear of servitude in many a cottage garden. Prior to this, it was common to find them daisy chained, forced to work night and day, for nothing more than a cup of nectar. Following their emancipation, they all flitted into woodlands, taking up a life of freedom and fun in nature. Rarely spotted these days, they retain a deep mistrust of human kind.
Buying and selling of Faeries remains an illegal act. If caught, imprisonment of no less than 200 years in a Faery mound is the mandatory sentence under Article 15.I of the United Nations.

05-28-15, 06:02 PM
I find I enjoy being odd man out in things like this so of course I'm going to disagree with the others.

I've seen places where even the Djinn and Efretti are classified as fae beings and yes you can buy "Houses" that supposedly have bound Djinn or Efretti. Many times a ring or lamp like structure, but still referred to as fae even though others still referred to them as demonic like entities.

I recall being in both Brechin and Montrose in Scotland back in the 79-81 time frame and being able to buy statuary of real fae that came to life under the moon. Granted they were solitary fae as the trooping variety automatically went off to find other trooping fae. Granted they were made more for tourist and such and I think the Scots actually got a thrill out of those who purchased them.

Though to be truthful I think the answer to your question has to be defined against how one identifies what the fae are.

So while the implied logical answer is no you can not buy them the P. T. Barnum answer is "A fool and their money are soon parted". Of course coupled to the notion "There's a sucker born every minute!"

Edited to add I think I still have a couple of Kappa's around the house in doll form that always seem to be wet around them. Kappa's have a bowl of water on their head and are water spirits or Japanese fae.

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I took Bartman's question as, can one purchase an actual faery, not a statue that may contain the spirit of one. Those you can buy or more likely, find. I was answering literally.

05-28-15, 07:31 PM
I took Bartman's question as, can one purchase an actual faery, not a statue that may contain the spirit of one. Those you can buy or more likely, find. I was answering literally.

But truthfully can you say one can't? While the common person probably can not the question then becomes one of why not.

In the US or Canada I should not be able to buy a sex slave yet if you know the right people and have the right money anything is possible. Not talking about a person who submits willingly but a person who is bound and sold as property.

One might go so far as to claim purchase a piece of property and a fae will go with it. So the fae becomes simply one more thing that is purchased along with any other creature on the property and considered to be the property of whomever purchased it.

Ownership takes on so many levels of concept.

Granted you as a typical person will not go to the local Wallmart, Sears or other type store and purchase one. Yet by proxy that I think falls into a different story. Especially regarding humanity in general where everything upon a place they purchase is perceived to be owned by them and access to it is controlled by that notion of ownership.

05-28-15, 08:23 PM
In my experience you can buy nearly anything on eBay if you catch it before they make the vendor take it down... Ie. Ghost in a jar. Lol
I haven't personally searched for fairies in a jar nor can I guarantee they would be legitimate. :)

05-31-15, 07:26 PM
In my belief and experience, it is possible to generate "fae-like" forms both physical and non-physical, or tulpas of some sort. It is also possible to "fool" a person, compartmentalize a person (including one self), and "generate" tulpoidal forms or form-sets to deploy as elemental forces both with and without one's own wit, or the wit of the one "fooled" in this way. That being the case, it is possible - if one has the right foresight or is under influence/affluence of the right "inspiration" - to make someone think they are going to buy from you something that they are going to already have, make, become, or generate, and in even unto such a form that this "something" (doesn't matter whether we are talking about artificial elementals or fae, or if we are talking about simple projects of intellectual property, business plans, or any other "product" produceable) seems to actually have been "bought and paid" for by the one who claims to have done so.

This is also how "hearts, minds and souls" are to one degree or another bought and sold. It is mockery, idolatry, hypocriticism and tom-foolery at the end of the day, but yes "possible" on some limited enough timeline.