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07-03-15, 05:14 PM
I'm planning to get an ouija board next month so I could be able to talk with my mother with the Ouija board. I read a book of Ouija board that you can talk to other spirits, angels, demons and other deities with the Ouija board. Is that true?

07-03-15, 05:49 PM

Curious but who is going to be using it with you if anyone? While many things can come through the planchette including our own subconscious most will advise you not to use one alone.

07-03-15, 06:10 PM
That's the thing, I'm going to use the Ouija board by myself. Just what kind of problems does the Ouija board have when I operate it on my own?

07-03-15, 06:32 PM
Most people can't operate them with just themselves. I happen to be one of those people that doesn't need a second person. There's no secret to that though. No one has ever been quite sure why this phenomenon occurs, or doesn't occur. I would get The Enchanted Spellboard or The Psychic Circle though. They are so much more beautiful than the standard Ouija board. They offer a lot more possible usages than just the typical board as well, and in my opinion, a new design pulls in energies that may not necessarily be negative entities that are constantly interested in anyone using the typical design that tends to draws those in. You should join the ouija board groups on Facebook. A friend and myself created some really great ones awhile ago with a lot of members and all sorts of different information.

07-03-15, 06:38 PM
What the difference between those two boards LadyOfTheTrees? Also I want to join an ouija board facebook group. What's the website?

07-03-15, 10:35 PM
The authors of those decks have become personal friends of mine and they're actually quite famous I discovered recently... Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. So anyway, I asked Amy and she told me that the energy of The Psychic Circle is Cosmic, while the energy of The Enchanted Spellboard is Elemental. Personally I own both because I've found that sometimes one board works better at the time or for a certain question and at other times the other board seems to do better. HOWEVER, I ALWAYS make a point of starting my sessions by stating that I have only the intention to make contact with the Higher Self, the Akashic Record, my SPECIFIC angelic and elemental guardians (who I call on by name), and that I do not wish to speak with or engage in any contact with any deceased beings, earthbound spirits, or fallen angels. I then affirm that I seek only the truth and only that which is for my highest and greatest good and the highest and greatest good of all involved or asked about. I strongly recommend you figure out a similar ritual for yourself. In such a manner, I have not had a single incident with any spooky things, ghosts, dead people, paranormal activity, bad or scary sessions or negative entities. I truly believe the intent here is crucial. I will post some pics of what these two boards look like so you can see the difference on what's in the boxes. One minute here...

07-03-15, 10:36 PM
^ Hit me with a karma point if you agree with me on the above! I think this is SO important with talking boards!

07-03-15, 10:42 PM
These two are The Enchanted Spellboard, (Elemental Energy):



These two are The Psychic Circle (Cosmic Energy):



Another reason I prefer these boards is because they have EIGHT circles of theme symbolisms, including numbers and letters, but I have found that I rarely ever have to use the letters and numbers to get a concise and intricate response. This has contributed to, in my opinion, avoiding making contact with negative entities. If you want, I can tell what the eight circles are for both boards - just let me know and I'll add that info for you here if you want.

07-03-15, 10:43 PM
Oh, I guess I'll just go ahead and add the circle info for you - it might be significant to you in making a choice unless you end up getting both boards. Also, the idea is that you start from the outside circles and work your way in as you get better and better. These also come with 30 page instruction manuals vs. the standard ouija board that comes with none.

07-03-15, 10:57 PM
The Enchanted Spellboard's circles, from outer to inner:

The Circle of Words: Near, Far, Right, Wrong, Reap, Sow, Fix, Break, Give, Take, Past, Present, Future, Day, Night Unknown

The Four Directions: North, East, South, West

Gemstones: Garnet, Aquamarine, Citrine, Jade, Amethyst, Turquoise, Tourmaline, Sapphire

The Circle of Colors: Red, Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Aqua, Purple, Indigo, Tan, Lavender, Pink, Black, Brown, Gray, White

ex. You could use this circle to ask what your current aura color is. Also, for everything listed in each of these circles, the manual has in-depth descriptions for all of them. It also has troubleshooting, FAQs, a suggested ritual for starting and closing a session, myths and facts, and lots of other info.

The Circle of Zodiac Signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

(I used this one to figure out my dog's Sun Sign)

The Circle of Letters: A-Z

The Circle of Trees: Cedar, Laurel, Willow, Elm, Holly, Beech, Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Chestnut, Fir

Sometimes a symbol will be used to answer something in a phonetical fashion, i.e. Should I go to the beach this weekend, or the forest? may end up in the planchette landing over the Beech tree symbol. Obviously, it's saying, "the BEACH"

The Circle of Enchantment: Enchantment for Abundance, Enchantment for Enlightenment, Enchantment for Banishing, Enchantment for Finding a Location, Enchantment for Timing, Enchantment for Joy, Enchantment for Success, Enchantment for Communication, Enchantment for Love, Enchantment for Courage, Enchantment for Wellness, Enchantment for Creativity

For these, if you ask how can I succeed and you get Enchantment for Courage, you would refer back to the manual for a short spell/ritual that's listed to boost your courage levels. Or you could choose to use your own. Basically, it can give you advice to use a spell to help you find the answer to your question.

[I]The Circle of Numbers: 0-9

And then in the very center is your starting place when you ask a question, which is a Pentacle, for this board.

Now I'll do the circles for The Psychic Circle, below, see next post after I get it posted...

07-03-15, 11:14 PM
For The Psychic Circle... This time, I'm listing the circles from INNER to OUTER - simply because the manual for this one goes in that order and so it's easier than reading it backward. For the one above, The Enchanted Spellboard, they were listed from outer to inner.

The center for this board, and where the planchette starts when you ask a question, is three question marks, however it also looks like an Om symbol. I think it is supposed to be an Om symbol made out of the lines of question marks, but I'm not sure.

The Ring of Numbers: 0-9

The Ring of Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Blue, White, Brown, Green, Black, Pink, Purple

The Ring of the Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

The Ring of Letters: A-Z

The Ring of Planets: Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Moon, The Sun, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, The North Node, The South Node, Neptune

The Ring of Pictures: The Artist Palette, Cupid's Heart, Yin/Yang, The Crying Eye, 4-Leaf Clover and Dice, Bags of Gold, Hot Air Balloon, Guardian Angel

As mentioned before, you can look up the meanings of these symbols in the manual if your planchette lands on one of these as the answer and you can't make sense of what it means off the top of your head

The Ring of Words: Take, Maybe, Give, No, Close, Stop, Old, Near, Goodbye, Wait, New, Far, Look, Listen, Open, You, Hello, Go, Other, Yes

And finally, I just noticed outer symbols that are not in the guidebook, nor labeled anywhere. They appear to be... In the four corners are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Air has a butterfly and a diamond (metamorphasis?) Fire has a Lotus with... I think it's a penny inside. Water has an oyster with three pearls, and Earth has a rose, I think, with, what looks like a piece of bread with a cross on it - Communion? All of them are sitting on even more complex images, too - this is the four corners. I don't know why there aren't descriptions/interpretations for these in the manual. Weird. In that same circle are also North, South, East and West, but these are not in the four corners where these elemental images are.

07-03-15, 11:21 PM
The Enchanted Spellboard is newer and less Ouija-y than the Psychic Circle. I like it better to be honest. And also, to be honest, I unintentionally did accidentally make contact with something undesirable once while using The Psychic Circle. I could tell because it was spelling things out and I always include in my intentional prayer at the beginning to please use only symbols as much as is possible. When something starts using the letters pretty swiftly, you know you've made contact with an entity. Since then, I don't really use it anymore. I like The Enchanted Spellboard. It has such a nicer energy, better manual and guidebook (major update - because it's about ten years newer), more pleasant symbols whereas a few things on The Psychic Circle are creepy to me. But yeah, that's just my opinion. Anyway, I hope this helps!

Oh yeah! Lastly, the cheapest place to get them is from Monte and Amy on their site. They have both of these on sale for $20 right now. I've seen them generally go for about $30 on Amazon, so you definitely will save some money if you order straight from the authors. So I procured the links for you...

The Psychic Circle: http://www.theenchantedworld.com/productshowcase/productshowcase.php?Subpage_ID=15&Section_ID=1&Bucket=Enchantments&Product_Detail=1&Product_ID=4014&Ecards=

The Enchanted Spellboard: http://www.theenchantedworld.com/productshowcase/productshowcase.php?Subpage_ID=15&Section_ID=1&Bucket=Enchantments&Product_Detail=1&Product_ID=4060&Ecards=

I might just use my Enchanted Spellboard right now to find that missing piece of Merlinite. I assume it will be faster than pendulum dowsing for it. Speaking of, you can use these boards as pendulum dowsing boards as well as with a planchette. Symbol boards can be used in a number of ways.

07-03-15, 11:25 PM
Wow thank you for describing both boards LadyOfTheTrees. :)

07-03-15, 11:32 PM
Welcome! You owe me one now :p Jk

07-04-15, 03:26 AM

I'll probably get slapped for what I'm about to type here but I think it is worth it. Hopefully Fera will read and agree with me.

First if you want a Ouija board do a image search, find a good clear image, save it as a file then print it out. Legal size or larger is better but even a standard 8.5 x 11 will work fine. Want a planchette then go to any store and get either a standard wooden candle holder with an open core that the candle would sit in or one with a metal plug you can pop out and place any magnifying glass into the hole. Place a few felt pads on the bottom and you've got a planchette that can slide across the paper with ease. If that idea doesn't work then get a clear cut shot glass turn it over and use it as a planchette or you can even use it upright fill it with a clear liquid and read the letters through the magnified imagery of the liquid.

That is a Ouija board.

Like all talking boards none of them align towards celestial, chthonic, elemental, spiritual and dead, or any other marketing ploy that is out there. Yes I said marketing ploy for that is what all of those boards are designed to do, sell an idea to get the buyer to part with their money while exploiting the weak mindedness.

What is weak mindedness, well in the late 80's I believe it was one of the people as Llewellyn Publishing that made the state they marketed towards the weak minded. The weak minded being those who showed an interest based upon a category and the publisher then advised it's authors, developers, etc to focus their products towards the most common interests. Thus you got all the unicorn, dragon, angel, devil & demon type items being pushed. Relying heavily upon the person's assumed idea and thoughts about a given subject, item, tool, etc to draw them in and encourage them purchasing those products.

Consider Hasbro jumped in on that band wagon and even developed the Barbi Ouija Board in pink. The developer's knew little girls loved pink thus the color, aligned it with Barbi thus the connection to a common interest and marketing ploy. Presented in a lovely box with little girls sitting around it and playing games and such to encourage that aspect of the marketing ploy. Then got all their creator's to endorse each other and write glowing reviews of how great it was and how easy to operate and that it would touch only good things to sell it to the parents.

It's been a proven technique for years in marketing and selling. It's used every time a reader sets up a booth, a psychic sets up a reading, etc. It's a favorite of cold reading in that you don't even have to try hard to sell your product because the person's walking into you shop, reading, etc has already revealed their willingness to both accept your sell and pay out cash for it. Even those who call a psychic or tarot hotline have already shown they are willing to accept and pay out the cash and have the weak mindedness towards the subject.

No different than what LOTT is doing when she claims to know the creator and being friends endorses it. The so called grass roots sell. Then of course the creator is going to sound so friendly and supportive for he / she wants you to purchase their product and be mentally weak so you automatically look for anything new they might put out and identify with that. The more supportive the more money you will dump into their many classes, courses, books, tapes and lecture's, etc. Often even offering certificates, business cards - laminated at that, endorsement to your completed courses. All aimed at separating the weak minded from their money through the scam while appearing to ensure success will follow. Like the many late night TV shows about buying homes, flipping them and making a fortune, just send your $400 or $500 dollars for their course.

Imagine if Fera selling her skills and knowledge as dog care told everyone, Oh yeah so and so it better but choose me. Yeah they are more skilled at such and such or more capable. Heck, consider if Fera were to not be friendly to those who follow her and have purchased things from her and didn't present the appearance she really cared about them or their thoughts and idea's. She wouldn't stay in business for long, wouldn't have a dedicated following willing to endorse her goods and pass them via grass roots marketing.

Now I have to admit I call total bs on LOTT's statement regarding only a few can singulary work the Ouija such as she can. I say bs because all of us can do, yet most of us older practitioner's who actually came up through controlled programs also experienced our first degree program's involving our dark or shadow self. We had lots of Freudian, Payne, Jungian, etc type influences that told us right off the bat that reading for ourselves we were going to more often read how we desired not what was actually said or indicated. That is the shadow self at it's best for it robs us of critical or objective analysis and observation of what we are doing and seeing. Because of that we tend not to, not to say we won't or can't if need requires it. But it's not something that i'd say the majority use. Of course that aspect my own personal opinion.

Consider LOTT's statement then consider the many threads she's had here where she makes one statement from her divining. Then everyone has replied to the contrary or advised against her conclusions. Then a few days to weeks later she comes back because her readings were not objective but emotionally selective to support her desires and what many here saw as a danger of failure came true. Even going so far as her recent history regrading the purchasing of a home with her boyfriend. Many of us advised against it based upon what we saw via divination but also based upon what she told us her divination results showed.

Now I do not bring that up to slam or shame LOTT but to show the danger of assumption of being willing to use the Ouija alone and trusting your shadow self's observations. The frequency with which those who do so tend to suffer defeat and frustration because they wanted to see something, made themselves see it even when it wasn't really there is rather high.

I've always remembered that statement about paganism and even occultism since the late 1980's being all about marketing and consumerism. All the many oracle decks, tarot decks, talking boards, courses, endorsements, etc that flooded the market along with all the 101 books that came out. All aimed at a market group that was eager to accept it and was conditioned to embrace it due to their own traits, desires and to a great degree fantasies.

As I suggested, and in my own personal opinion, most do not use a Ouija board alone for any number of reasons ranging from fear to like some of us recognizing the influence of our own shadow upon our desires and reading. We don't purchase the pretty boards for we tend to know that we can divine just as well with a printed Ouija board as well as any of the marketed special boards. They all call to the same place and get the same results. The only difference is the assumptions and prejudices you bring to the board with you which reflects what your results will be.

Granted all my opinion but don't fall for the marketing to the Weak Minded.

The best advise I once got was if your going to buy a house go talk to a used car salesman. He / she will give it to you straight up for they have no interest in the house nor trying to sell it to you. They make nothing on it, endorse nothing about the seller or the house, gain no sense of pride or validation of prior relationships to the seller or implied bonuses they might get from supporting or advertising. They have no emotional, psychological, ethical, moral connection to the truthfulness of the boast of the houses worth or the capabilities of the seller and the seller's ability to cold read and make a sales pitch based upon what you want to hear.

07-04-15, 08:24 AM
MonSno, a symbol board is very different from a ouija board. It communicates entirely differently, can be used with just a pendulum, and can be used to access information from only the higher self and not through entities. Also, people like boards that have a style that appeals to them. There's nothing wrong with that, and it's not entirely marketing. If I wanted and Angel Board and couldn't get one, I would be pretty bummed. Yes, I could make my own, but I would be much happier with one that's designed beautifully in a way that I wouldn't ever possibly be able to construct for myself.

07-04-15, 08:27 AM
Plus, earthbound spirits tend to be attracted to the typical 80s style looking "Ouija Board" ... Boards that are styled differently don't seem to automatically attract that kind of energy so indefinitely. And I can speak to this from personal experience as I've been using talking boards regularly now for about ten years. I've had the good experiences, the bad ones, the horrible and scary ones... I consider myself experienced in this area. Using a non-traditional looking board has some major benefits to it.

07-04-15, 08:29 AM
Another thing... The original style board looks creepy to me. I hate that picture of that Victorian era spiritualist woman in the corner. It's effing spooky. And so that sets off a bad mood. Using the board with an uncomfortable mood is a BAD way to go. If you need a pink board to feel cheerful and in the right mood to use a talking board, then you should go with that. Your feelings about the way the board looks will significantly impact the experience you have with it.

07-04-15, 09:02 AM
Doesn't matter LOTT a talking board is a talking board and they all function in the same way. The pretty little designs and such on boards do nothing to open the channels all they do is make the user feel more connected or less threatened by what mentally will be called while using one.

Like I said all marketing ploys to move a product and get the person to purchase it based upon what psychological influences it touches upon.

Want to test it close your eyes and have someone place any talking board before you and see if it works. A reader will get results regardless of which board is placed there as the connection is all energetic and spiritual not emotional and influenced by pretty pictures on the surface. You can also try using the spinning table top and do a reading and see how it works when your eyes are closed and the planchette moves to yes for instance even when you have no idea of its location on the table as the board is changed.

As far as talking boards I guess I can rely on the 50+ years i've been alive and the 40+ i've used them. The only talking boards i've ever come across that relied heavily upon symbols and such as the planting boards that used to be used. Then it was tables stacked upon each other you aligned signs up with or a singular table that had rods that were moved about the locate junctions and cross points as the celestial movements were calculated.

So sorry the unicorns, mermaids, dragons, etc are all marketing ploys that have been successfully used in the pagan community to move a product. Then the usage is modified so one product is endorsed by its creator and implies it works in a different way than any other regardless of the fact they all call upon the same end locations.

Not dissimilar to modern phone systems that have many marketing methods and pretty pictures or promises yet still use basic radiowave methodology to make them work and complete the phone call.

I'd also add sorry if you need something to get you in a good mood to do a reading then your not a reader at all. Your just a cold reader using the vibrations of your target and their hopes of something coming through. A good reader can pick up any board and work it and leaves emotion at the door when they come in.

07-05-15, 01:42 AM
Well it's certainly easier to ask someone's Sun Sign and only have to move to one image on the board vs. spelling out S-A-G-I-T-T-A-R-I-U-S.

07-05-15, 05:11 AM
Yeah we all know the spirits could do something like move to the 9.

07-05-15, 06:19 AM
You're obviously just trolling. I'm not gonna take part in this. Good luck to you.

07-05-15, 06:56 AM
You're obviously just trolling. I'm not gonna take part in this. Good luck to you.

Not trolling at all. I just answered BartmanHomer's question about Ouija boards not trying to sell the latest marketing ploy to him. Showed how a little knowledge goes a long way, ie using 9 to tell the zodiac and not relying upon pictures or trying to sell it to him.

07-05-15, 09:07 AM
Here is what I am going to say about this.
I am in no shape at all to deal with another conflict here at ESF.
There is much I could say here and valid points made on both sides, but I am NOT GETTING INTO THIS. I have to take care of myself right now, I am absolutely reeling on a few levels as you both know.So, I am closing this thread and asking there be no more conflict between you both in any other threads.
Thank you for your respect in this decision.