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Old Ostara  04/05  Windsmith bat...   Paganism
Old Good morning, ESF!  04/05  Bartmanhomer   Off-Topic

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The Arts
For discussion and exploration of all art forms, including but not limited to creative writing/literature/poetry, visual arts, film, theatre, music and more.
Visual Arts (3 Viewing)
Visual arts: For all the painters, sculptors, sketchers, and others working in or simply appreciating these mediums.
184 1,991
The Music Forum (5 Viewing)
For musicians and aficionados;chat about your favourite artists, types of music, instruments you play, anything music-related.
133 3,771
Creative Writing (2 Viewing)
For the wordsmiths on here - critique members' work, discuss publishing and authors, share writing tips and more...
2 Weeks Ago Go to last post
204 6,353
Film and Theatre (3 Viewing)
For discussion on film of all genres, theatre, all performing arts.
237 2,761
Faeries and folklore, Otherkin of all kinds, magical beings of this world and beyond - find a home here. Wander in and stay an hour...or a day...
Faerie Lore and Magic (1 Viewing)
08-04-16 Go to last post
15 189
Every country has specific tales that have acted like a backbone to its people for centuries-Folklore is the fertile soil of morals, heroism and fantasy. Come share stories and magical tales, from wherever you hail...
36 197
Otherkin (1 Viewing)
15 348
Knowledge is Power
The Earthsong Classroom - short and long courses on a range of magical, spiritual and related topics, taught by Elders and Adepts of every age..from- the- ground- up teaching in a systematic and supportive way. No charge ever at ESF, but you must register to join in.
A 6 to 8 week course covering basic topics about what the religion of Wicca is and how you can explore it further.
27 128
This 8-10 week course will combine runelore with exercises and stories from the runic pathway. Its emphasis lies on reconnecting the runes with the everyday life they were once a part of, using the runes for divinatory purposes and creating small-scale energywork with their presences. Open to all levels of learning."
17 85
Energy Work (1 Viewing)
A course on energy manipulation for occultists or anyone who wants to broaden their horizons.
22 144
Intermediate Tarot (1 Viewing)
This will be a short (8-10 weeks) course combining some Introductory information, but focusing primarily on early Intermediate work, working with the cards in short readings, exercises and meditations to open the flow between knowledge and intuition. Emphasis is on combining intellectual familiarity with the symbolism, and personal insight and interpretation. Not for total beginners.
47 641
News and Information (1 Viewing)
Forum-related info, announcements, rules and policies
154 2,269
The Newcomer Canteen (2 Viewing)
New to Earthsong Forums? Don't know where to start? Meet up here with others who may feel the same way. Meet other new members and interact with the regular one's. Forge new bonds of friendship and become part of our little Earthsong Forums family.
83 1,187
Please take a minute and tell us who you are
Private 486 8,776
Courses and Lectures on various occult topics.
Private 65 846
You can talk about anything here
Private 3,081 78,331
Philosophy (2 Viewing)
Posted here for ease of use. All philosophical discussion and topics may be discussed here.
208 4,071
For all theological discussions, path -specific, traditional, and general.
129 2,331
Psychology (3 Viewing)
For all theories, applications and discussion of the science of the psyche
99 1,874
Political Forum (6 Viewing)
3rd time's a charm. All political discussions go here.
587 9,922
All aspects of world mythologies, ancient and modern
71 797
Spiritual and Religious Pathways
for all varieties of Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shinto - to discuss, share and learn
by Sollie
05-03-16 Go to last post
77 612
Christianity (1 Viewing)
Discussion of all aspects of Christianity, belief, theology and practise.
1 Week Ago Go to last post
113 2,096
Wicca (2 Viewing)
for discussion of all types of Wicca
50 832
Exploring Native American Spirituality, Magic and Mythology
69 822
Pantheism (1 Viewing)
The 'All is One and One is All' Forum for discussion of Pantheism and related beliefs.
57 1,573
A forum for discussing Celtic-based spirituality, the cultures that inspire them, and all things Celtic; history, art, myth and legend, folklore, religion and magic
109 1,022
Egyptian Studies (4 Viewing)
A forum for discussing the Religion, Spirituality and Academia of the Ancient Egyptians
64 407
Mysticism (1 Viewing)
Mysticism: the pursuit of unification with the One, the immediate consciousness of Divinity, or the direct experience of religious truth. This forum is for discussion of all related experiences, practises and topics of interest.
19 233
The Sacred Grove (2 Viewing)
A forum for discussing Druidry, in all its many expressions and forms
27 259
Creative Spirituality (4 Viewing)
A forum to discuss emergent and eclectic spiritual practices, traditions and personal paths
459 6,655
Witchcraft (5 Viewing)
Forum for discussion of all types of the Craft, Dianic to BTW, and everything in between
235 3,926
Paganism (2 Viewing)
A forum to discuss the various expressions of Paganism; ritual, theology, practice, history, method and cosmology
2 Weeks Ago Go to last post
241 3,726
Shamanism (4 Viewing)
For exploration of the techniques and insights of various forms of shamanism
169 2,061
Tools and Techniques
Using oils and incense, fragrance in general in magical workings and healing
17 227
Methodology (3 Viewing)
This forum is for sharing and discussion of all magical methods and techniques, from basic to advanced. Discussion is not confined to any one path or philosophy but welcomes all takes on the topic.
63 840
Minerals and Stones (7 Viewing)
Metaphysical properties and uses of minerals, stones, gemstones and crystals
by Sollie
02-16-16 Go to last post
272 1,764
All methods and systems of working with, learning from and interpreting our dreams
96 699
Energy Work (2 Viewing)
for discussion of all types of energy work, methods and approaches
by Nacken
06-19-16 Go to last post
76 1,153
A place to share techniques and tips for finding and making everything magical; robes, wands, staffs, headdresses, altars, anything used in magic and ritual.
53 1,030
Using the runes as a divinatory tool
34 297
Divination (2 Viewing)
A forum for discussion of any form of Divination not covered by Tarot, Runes, Dreamwork or Augury...
1 Week Ago Go to last post
73 759
General Occult
General Occult (5 Viewing)
For general occult topics, anything from crop circles to UFOs, whatever doesn't fit elsewhere
2 Weeks Ago Go to last post
779 10,734
Alchemy (1 Viewing)
For discussion of transmutation, both physical and spiritual
by petrus4
10-09-13 Go to last post
39 310
Paranormal (5 Viewing)
For investigation of all paranormal phenomena, including but not limited to hauntings, crop circles, telepathy, UFOs and ESP
12-23-15 Go to last post
81 837
Left-Hand Path: For discussing traditions that reject conventional religious dogmas and/or practices in favor of techniques or positions that are generally considered 'taboo.'
66 893
This forum is for discussion of important contributors to modern magic and the occult - including but not limited to Witchcraft and Wicca, Paganism in general, Ritual Magic and Druidry...
5 101
Magical Systems and Practises
Tarot (1 Viewing)
For all aspects of Tarot study and practise, including, but not limited to divination
294 3,444
Earth Energies (2 Viewing)
Dragon Lines , Ley Lines , Telluric Current , Standing Stones , Subterranean Energies , Earth Temples , Mounds , Earth Magic
37 308
Qabalah (1 Viewing)
Qabalah , Kabbalah, Cabala, Kcebealla , and all correspondences , trees , and methods of meditation and magical practices, including pathworking the trees
03-22-16 Go to last post
55 434
Rune Magic (1 Viewing)
22 278
Ritual Magic (4 Viewing)
Exploration of ritual magic from the Golden Dawn to the myriad modern offshoots
164 1,697
Astrology (2 Viewing)
Forum for exploration of cosmos and psyche
107 1,264
Song of the Earth
Environmental Issues (6 Viewing)
Forum to discuss the global environmental crisis, what we can do; prayer, work, focus, knowledge
219 2,738
The Physical Temple (8 Viewing)
Care and feeding of the body, nutrition, herbs and supplements, exercise, alternative healing modalities - all fit here
619 12,209
Herbalism (2 Viewing)
Traditional and/or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts
120 1,232
The Nature Forum (2 Viewing)
For discussion of the natural world, both as spiritual path and tangible phenomenon
163 1,926
for discussion of all aspects of animal care - diet, veterinary options, complementary and alternative medicine, all species and all methods.
4 Days Ago Go to last post
166 2,215
verbal non verbal, telepathic - listening to animal whispers, the sound of the voiceless in our world
343 5,286
Everyday Life
The Gardening Forum (2 Viewing)
Indoor and outdoor gardening - vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers - any topic related to growing, using, preserving plants
50 446
Gender and Identity (7 Viewing)
Forum for the discussion of gender and sexuality and how it factors into identity
308 6,484

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