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SILENTSTREAM 09-10-16 02:47 PM

Crystal Balls
Hello, I'm new to this forum and would like some info if I may,I follow the path of Hecate,my altar is dedicated to her. While in a antique store I'm always looking to be drawn to something that calls out to me spiritually for my altar or room in general. I wasn't disappointed I came across what was labeled a paper weight, it is quite beautiful its a hand blown glass paperweight. To me I saw it as a crystal ball. on the bottom is inscribed Caithness ''moonflower'' Scotland. I looked it up and sure enough found it,it was hand blown Glass in perfect condition,no scratches or anything,its a light shade of purple which is one of Hecates colors.I gave 6.00$ for it. Its about 4'' round and has little hand blown orbs in it ascending up from the bottom,really cool,it has a small flat bottom in which to stand on its own. I thought I would put it on a small brass candle holder to raise it up on my altar. Noing nothing of crystal ball divination I was drawn to it for a reason. So before putting anything on my altars I cleanse and purify either with kosher salt,himalayan salt or full moon all of the above. Does anyone have any suggestions as to preparing it and how I should familiarize myself on how to build a relationship with this item, for a possible divination tool new to me.Thankyou SILENTSTREAM

BigAl 09-10-16 08:08 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Hi Silentstream. Welcome to the forum.

The Caithness "Moonflower" series is quite special, isn't it? Some of the pieces have incredibly rich inner landscapes that look like they could be well worthy of contemplation. Of course, the purist would suggest that, being a manufactured piece, it wouldn't necessarily be suitable for the purpose you propose. I'm not a purist... silica is silica... ;)

The key to using this piece effectively, however, is through focusing on the inner landscape sculpted by the glass maker. It is unlikely you will be able to find an inner guardian, but that's the little bit of purist in me breaking out - and I'd love your experiences working with it to prove me wrong on this front.

Just use your own preferred method of cleansing to set your intention to work with the piece, and enjoy!

Keep us posted on how it goes! :D

SILENTSTREAM 09-10-16 09:56 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Cleansed it tonight during a storm with rain water and incense. It was purple when I bought it, after working with it tonight something strange happened after turning on the lights in my room and working with it, it is now blue not purple. Awsome!!

MonSno_LeeDra 09-10-16 10:35 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Truthfully i'd not use salt of any sort. If you use actual salt then, even in a ground powered form, you stand the potential of roughing the surface even though it is blown glass. If you use a diluted solution of water and salt then you have the potential of leaving a film or residue unless you give it a secondary rinse which sort of defeats the idea of a salt solution unless you use a distilled water. Any sort of brine bath or rinse tends to leave a residue behind though you don't see it spoken of in the books. Go jump in the ocean and smell your skin or look at your cloths or things you take to the beach and you can see it.

Moonlight is an iffy one to me. If your trying for the feminine quality that is tied to moonlight then perhaps. Yet if Hekate, then potentially the moon wouldn't really be the best considering she is more associated to the dark moon period or no moon period vice a full moon period. Figure Artemis is the full or bright moon period while Selene is the Moon in all its aspects in Hellene (Greek) mythology while in Roman mythology that trilogy would be Diana as the Full or Bright Moon, Luna as the moon in all aspects, Hecate in the darkmoon and Juno holding shared responsibility with all of them.

The danger, to me anyway, is that Hekate is a tri-goddess but not a triple goddess in the Wiccan sense. As such she holds influence and power over Earth, Heaven and Ocean making her a Chthonic, Celestial and what some might call a material plain goddess. Chthonic relating to things of the earth, celestial relating to things of the heavens and material relating to things of the seas and surface. Which also implies she draws power and influence from the moon, the sun, the heavens in general, the seasons, etc.

The only aspect that is truly tied to a Moon persona and aspect is through her Chaldean persona during the Roman period. In that persona she is believed to both be connected to the moon and be in control of good and bad daemons who reside upon the moon and would be dispatched to earth to do her bidding.

But that is far from the typical neo-Wiccan Mother-Maiden-Crone imagery that is pushed regarding Hekate. Especially in the capacity the Chaldean persona is the one which depicts her with the 3 or four headed figure with different animal heads It is also the one associated with the figure known as Hekate's Wheel though there is no actual figure or reference to support the idea as it has been incorporated into the Wiccan cosmos.

As an altar piece or utilization as a scrying device or divination piece it's really up to you as to how you would use it. For me personally its dark color would limit it's usefulness as a scrying tool or divination tool. Purple as a color tends not to convey light to well even if it is a lighter shade or hue of color and if there are impurities in the interior then that would distort the effectiveness even more. The size might also negate the ability to create a light source that could be cast through it without creating a halo affect / effect around it as you look upon it.

Please don't take that as a negative though as there are other methods that might make it useful to you. Some people find holding the object in their hands helps create a connection that allows scrying to happen. Some place it upon the forehead and sort of channel the 3rd eye through it like a lenses and find that method works and the coolness of the material acts as a conduit for channeling.

Never worked for me but I know of projection by focusing a light beam through a small stone and projecting it upon a wall or white sheet / board. Then you watch the patterns dance and see what is revealed. That usually works best by having it set up behind and slightly above you so the light is not haloed into your eyes.

So there are alternate methods you can experiment with to see which might work the best for you.

MonSno_LeeDra 09-10-16 10:41 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Just for your own info I intentionally use Hekate and Hecate as separate. If I refer to Hellene reference I use Hekate. If Roman then I use Hecate. There was no "c" in Hellene writing so it was always a "K" and influenced how her name would be spelt and pronounced. Additionally there was no "H" in Hellene either so would be written more like "EK" So you get Ek - Ah - Tay

SILENTSTREAM 09-10-16 11:56 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Thanks, no salt used just rain water and incense, i just find it amazing that the color changed from purple to a definite blue, quite perplexing . Dont now what to think of that . Anyways thanks for the info. I'm new to Hekate, so just winging it, I'm sure being a scorpio She'll put me in my place,lol.Ive already felt her chastisement ,it actually feels right! Been doing some crossroads offerings at a 3 way out in the country with garlic and honey.

MonSno_LeeDra 09-11-16 02:46 AM

Re: Crystal Balls
Just remember in the long run, and short run for that matter, there are no right answers nor wrong answers. There are only answers and opinions. Each is right or wrong for the individual and how we as individuals think and feel about things and understand and relate to the divine and unknown.

We can explain how things make sense to us and we understand it and incorporate it into our lives. But that will always be the end result of our own experiences, our education, our knowledge and methodology of appraising and analyzing things.

Some of us are purist, some are very eclectic, some of us hover closer to recon in our leanings so how we view things covers the spectrum for certain.

It's like your stone I wonder is it heat / cold sensitive? That it changed from a purple color to a bluish color makes me think it might be heat sensitive and the change could be based around the colder sensation of rain and dampness of the water lower its temperature. So it's possible the purple color could return once it returns to a higher room temperature which potentially could suggest a deeper color if the temperature where to get hotter that is applied to it. Just something to perhaps consider

MonSno_LeeDra 09-11-16 02:14 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
As an aside question but would you mind saying why you equate Hekate with the color purple? Can't actually think of any archaic text that mentions purple in connection with her so it's one that is always interesting to me.

You don't have to of course and it's more for my own curiosity. As a devote to her I like to find out why people equate things to her beyond the "The book says so" type mentality stuff.

For some I hear it's the liminal representation of the point between day and night or night and day when the sky is sort of purple in color. That or the purple hue that a moonless night will occasionally have when its beyond dark. It's not black but that sort of deep inky purple red color you see an eclipsed moon take at times. Though sometimes you get a similar purplish black hue when your deep in a cavern and a faint light penetrates it just enough to shift the color spectrum. Sort of like how star like will shift the night sky spectrum.

So it's usually not her specifically its associated to but makes you think of her by association via condition or situation. Of course just my opinion and conclusions.

SILENTSTREAM 09-11-16 09:03 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
Purple is most notable for its use in royalty.As such it represents the notion of affluence and wealth.It can also be used to represent imagination and creativity.Purple is the most powerful wavelenght on the visable light spectrum,being only one step away from the power of x-rays.lighter shades of purple can represent light hearted notions,such as romance ,while the darker shades tend more towards the representations of intelligence.Purple can also have several negative traits,such as conceit and pomposity. Me linking purple to Hekate comes from my intuition,and myself being eclectic i see her color for me as purple, for me it shall be and so it is my friend. So I see purple representing her being the most powerful,and imaginative and creative Goddess

MonSno_LeeDra 09-11-16 09:45 PM

Re: Crystal Balls
thank you.

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