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EntwinedSoul 08-24-10 08:31 PM

owl with a snake in its talons
the other night.............I saw an owl with a snake in its flew up to a sign and then flew off...................two days later in the exact same place I saw............what I am sure is the same owl..............dead, hit by a car...........yes I layed tobbacco and prayed for its spirit.........does anyone have any insights as to what this may mean............after I will share what I am thinking...............yeah lets chat

LarkWahya 08-24-10 08:51 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
well i know an eagle with a snake in its talons means something but im not sure about an owl

if you find out please share that makes me curious too

Brigidrose 08-24-10 09:35 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
A good friend of mine believes that when you see an animal along the road or where ever , dead, it has exchanged its life for someone else. I had never heard of this before, but one day we were leaving for work and on our doorstep was , I think a rabbit torn to pieces. She said to thank it because it had exchanged its life for someone in the house.

feranaja 08-24-10 09:52 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
I have chills reading this now.
Day before yesterday, I was just pulling into the driveway after seeing Dakota, and in a good mood - great weather, feeling well etc - in the road smack in front of my driveway a garter snake had been run over by a car, I mean just her tail was twisted off and her intestines hanging out. this snake was literally writhing in agony. I left my van in the road (always the practical one, me) ran in to get TheThing, and then moved the snake into the grass. I can't forget her expression, her mouth was wide open and she was turning over and over. I TTouched her along the belly and chanted a prayer I know for dying animals but I was so overcome with pity i could hardly speak. TheThing said he would kill her, but we have no humane way of doing it, I have no sodium pentathol in the house. He said he would drown her but by this time, she was still, and I thought her spirit was leaving. she died after that so we were spared having to do some awful thing. It was a deeply riveting experience, I love snakes so much and my empathy went into overdrive. I felt that intuitive sense of numinosity, about the whole thing - that there was something beyond the sadness in it. The smallness, the helplessness of creatures in this humanized world.

And then reading this tonight, I just had the strongest, strangest feeling.

What do you think your owl/snake visitation meant, ES?

MonSno_LeeDra 08-24-10 10:13 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
Just my perspective but to me Owl is ageless wisdom. It is passed from generation to generation. Snkae is transistion and sheding of the old to grow into the new. To loose one skin or life to lay the foundation to allow the new to take root and grow.

I see it as Owl has passed it's wisdom onto the next ggeneration. yet snake has shown that it's wisdom it one of change and sheding of the old ways and skins to make way for the new skin and life to follow. Played out before you I would say both guides have told of what is to come and the extremes that it shall take to play it out.

I would also say to look to the night and embrace of earth (snake is cthonic) as a joining of elements.

EntwinedSoul 06-30-14 05:49 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
Tears running down my cheeks............the owl once again gave its life for me to learn.............Owl is a totem of mine and I have seen and worked with them often............this owl was signalling me to grasp my wisdom and express it through healing. Strike out and *be* who I am meant to be. Use Snake to guide me in to the realms where all is possible, shed the old and with the growth of the new *Heal* like I was shown how to heal.

EntwinedSoul 06-30-14 05:58 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons

Thunder Bow 07-22-14 03:55 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
Seen the Owl any more?

Maikan 07-22-14 09:47 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
The snake also symbolizes healing and water. The owl wisdom and ability to move easily between the realms and connect with the spirit, also to see or find out that which is hidden or secret.


Thunder Bow 07-25-14 01:59 PM

Re: owl with a snake in its talons
I hear Owls at night here. Coyote too.

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