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Floux 03-22-12 03:16 AM

Very Fortean
It is alleged that there are loud bangs happening in a small town of Clintonville, Wisconsin in the USA.

Cran'Thun 03-22-12 05:36 AM

Re: Very Fortean
Very interesting. I wonder what could be causing it.

Floux 03-22-12 10:57 AM

Re: Very Fortean
No idea. But I bet someone will figure it out.

The Black Elf 03-23-12 08:19 AM

Re: Very Fortean
It can only be one thing,just no-one is allowed to talk about it yet and it may be a long way off so we best dither for now?

Will take a very big one to blow the very fissure out of granite,when it happens the amazing transformation could be a source of wonder and amazement for thousands of aeons to come,or even longer deep,deep into paradox..........

I was lucky enough to observe the aftermath of one such catastrophic event deeply scarred into the ancient granite on the south shore of loch ness last year.

TygerTyger 03-23-12 08:39 AM

Re: Very Fortean
That is a curious report.

I hope they do a follow up on it.

green aventurine 03-23-12 08:47 AM

Re: Very Fortean

Originally Posted by TygerTyger (Post 271799)
That is a curious report.

I hope they do a follow up on it.

I agree :)

TygerTyger 03-23-12 08:49 AM

Re: Very Fortean
I've reads lots of these stories and so often you hear nothing more about it afterwards.

What if there's a gigantosaur stumbling around in the dark out in them there hills?

Floux 03-23-12 10:38 AM

Re: Very Fortean
It is solved. It was microquakes. Small enough to make noise and shake things but not large enough to set off major alarms.

So it is solved. Microquakes can be annoying. Science has proven something and now we know what to do now (call a scientist and complain).

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