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MonSno_LeeDra 01-22-18 09:38 AM

Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
Though I'd share this but also use it as a point of discussion.

Yesterday (1/21/18) had sort of an interesting dream that I though I'd share. In the dream was crossing an area that was part forest part mountain pasture. Their where two of us that were running down towards a lake. While I could not see myself the other person was a white male. My though was that we were looking for material to make weapons and also trying to find food. Both of us were male and were travelling together for certain.

Across the way we could see two figures descend into the same bowl like area we were in. They were generally green & brown in color and appeared to be female though we couldn't be positive. They were moving in a line with one behind the other but separated by probably 10 to 15 feet and descending towards the same lake we were going to. Both carried a bow and arrow. What was sort of interesting was their general color made them blend into the back ground but they also stood out and were fairly visible to me (us?) as they moved.

Both groups were moving down towards the same spot.

The females got there first and dropped their weapons and went into the water and submerged. The guy that was with me immediately gathered up their weapons and and trying to move back into the brush. Yet I then became opposed to this action and took the weapons from him and forced him to stop what he was trying to do. As I held the weapons I could feel they were alive in my hands. Almost as if they were aware of me and had a consciousness of their own for the few seconds I held them. I dropped them where we found them.

About that time the two females came out of the water. We also were surrounded by a number of other elvish people of varying ages that had surrounded us though we were unaware of their approach. Needless to say not only were we surrounded we soon found ourselves looking at drawn and fitted arrows.

At this point an older silver haired women steps out and faces me. I say silver haired though I am not sure it was hair or a head dress ornament. The other man with me will no longer be a part of the dream though I can not say what actually happens to him.

The older woman will speak but I am not sure it is actually an oral speech or not as I do not recall speaking. At one point I recall touching her head then touching my chest / heart area and telling her what she thinks I feel then touching my heart and then touching her head and saying what I feel she thinks. Then she tells me I am screwed up and backwards. Sort of I should be feeling when I am thinking and thinking when I am feeling. But it does confuse them that we could see them when they were moving and that they stood out. Normally they pass unseen but we saw them and could follow them. It also bothered them that the bow told them I knew it was alive when I held it and it knew I knew it was alive.

I really do not recall any hair on them. Just the green and brown color of their bodies. Yet their faces were very sylphian in form. Their movements where very smooth and graceful, almost like dancers on air. Their bodies seemed very light, as if they were weightless though they were not all that small in size. Not much smaller than a human body and as assorted in variety as ours, some small, some larger. But none what you'd call weighty or over weight. While all where that green & brown coloration none were exactly the same in hue or pattern exactness. Yet the pattern was not a blocky one or such but seemed to form lines up the main torso and arms / legs while the face was generally a green color.

I admit it reminded me a bit of Avatar as I tried to analyze the parts and symbology. Yet it wasn't at the same time. Sometimes dreams have no meaning, sometimes they hold a lot of meaning and the Spirit world uses them as a means to speak to us. The difficult part is deciphering when a dream is simply a dream or when it is something more. Sort of like when is a bird a bird or when is it a totem messenger.

Either way though you might get a chuckle or maybe a moment of reflection from a second or hour of one of my dream's

Brigidrose 01-22-18 04:57 PM

Re: Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
Sounds like a very cool dream, or should I say experience. You might have crossed over into their world, in fact it reminds me of a vision journey of a class of mine. Connecting with Fae.

MonSno_LeeDra 01-22-18 06:26 PM

Re: Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
It was interesting that is for sure. Definitely not a place I recognized as having been before. Nor where they a people I recognized as having met before.

The quality (texture?) of the dream / vision didn't seem lucid so it didn't feel like a journey to me. Of course that is not to say that it wasn't a journey on some level. I've learnt over time journey work has to many levels to say it can only happen under such and such conditions.

But it sure wasn't initiated as any other journey work I've experienced.

Habilus 01-24-18 02:49 PM

Re: Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
I'm thinking past life, probably before the last ice age.

MonSno_LeeDra 01-24-18 06:21 PM

Re: Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
Curious as to why you think before last Ice Age?

My instinct and visual of the other man would suggest he should have been Cro-mag but I didn't think of him that way. Definitely wasn't a Neanderthal, well what we think of them as looking like.

Your reference made my mind jump to future scenario in fact. Not that I had though of it in that light initially. Yet funny part is, well not funny but ironic I suppose, is that it's like it triggered a part that was there but not recalled.

Like the stories of Bigfoot and such they have been here with us the whole time. It's just in some capacity they are hidden but we / I stepped over the ridge and into their valley.

Habilus 01-25-18 12:23 PM

Re: Elvish People In A Dream That Were Green & Brown
The way you describe things.
I tend to hang out with elves in the spring. :)

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