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David_2010 12-28-12 07:53 PM

Re: What did you observe?

Originally Posted by the seeker (Post 290666)
The winter storm that tore through Arkansas has damaged the Green Wall. :( I have a clear view across what last week was a thick wood into the housing division on the other side of the woods. All the tree height is gone - whether broken, pulled up, or simply bent over from the weight of the snow and ice still present, I can't tell. I can see many snapped trunks standing with the raw trunk cores exposed.

One tree I know is gone, one I called Grandfather Tree because he was so huge at the base and so tall. He looked like three saplings had started growing together then blended into one trunk that split into three again as it gained height. He is gone. :( Grandfather Tree is one I always spoke with when storms were coming and always thanked after it was over. His branches were heavily weighted toward the house yet he fell away from his weight, into the woods and not the house. I couldn't help but cry when I realized he had passed and that he did it in a manner to spare us. He is the second Grandparent Tree to fall since we moved here and both fell away from us when they could have crushed us easily.

The Crow Tree has sustained damage as well but he is still standing, thankfully.

My Soul hurts for all the losses I see, not only around our home but all over yet I am grateful more lives weren't lost.

His physical presence may no longer be visible, but, I'm sure, the Grandfather Tree is still around in some form.

I am truly sorry for the devastation that was inflicted, both on the human and non-human world.

Windsmith bat Gaia 01-01-13 11:52 AM

Re: What did you observe?
Holy crap, the squirrels in our neighborhood are so fat! Definitely Winter!

DonelleBeira 03-24-13 11:20 AM

Re: What did you observe?
Last week I had a mild case of the flu and spent most of the time in bed. On the wall opposite the foot of the bed is a double window that looks out on the wooded strip in front of the house. A sapling that survived the winter storms is still standing but leaning at nearly a 20-degree angle toward the East. Each morning as the Sun rose, this leaning sapling would fill with song birds, silently facing East until the light was full in the air. Then as if they all heard the signal, they would burst up in flight as one, singing their little hearts out as they greeted the day. In the evenings as the Sun was setting, the leaning sapling would once again fill with silent song birds but in the days' final moments they would face West. In the last glimmers of light, they would all take flight as one, silent but for the sound of their wings, flying away to their resting spots for the night.

I have made it a point to watch the leaning sapling in the mornings and evenings - the birds always come unless it is storming, always facing toward the Sun, always in silent prayer as they watch Him rise and set.

I feel blessed.

DonelleBeira 05-24-13 09:26 AM

Re: What did you observe?
This morning I observed a bunny with a bird on its back climbing a tree trunk....then I put my glasses on.

inkdreamer 05-24-13 10:43 AM

Re: What did you observe?
Oh? :p

I watched a ground hog and her baby cross the road. Usually I only see them in the fields. I wondered where they were headed.

DonelleBeira 05-26-14 03:41 PM

Re: What did you observe?
For the past couple of months I have been interacting with a raccoon whom I have dubbed "Mama". Here are some pics and videos of Mama.

Brigidrose 05-26-14 04:56 PM

Re: What did you observe?
Today a bunny under our deck, their nest is in the wood pile by the fire pit.

CailinRua 05-26-14 05:04 PM

Re: What did you observe?

Originally Posted by DonelleBeira (Post 313186)
For the past couple of months I have been interacting with a raccoon whom I have dubbed "Mama". Here are some pics and videos of Mama.

Thats really cool Donelle!

In my neighborhood deer walk through the streets early in the morning :). Even in the downtown area, I always thought that was really neat. They loved my front yard at my old house and one year they ate the tops of all my plants and the bark off a young walnut tree that i had moved from up against my foundation over to a place it would do much better. It was a bummer, so i appreciate the full fenced back yard i have now that protects the garden hehe.

Lately I've just enjoyed watching the red wing black birds, i love how they sound like "R2D2", they watch me too, as i putter around the yard

feranaja 05-16-18 03:02 PM

Re: What did you observe?
So far this year... trilliums, red elder and trout lily everywhere...robins, blue jays, chickadees, woodpeckers, the biggest ravens I have ever seen,and owls (Great Horned and Barred). Strawberries all around, and the sumac is coming back now. I have heard a great crested flycatcher in the woods and that gorgeous wood thrush song at night. It's a very different space from my old place, but wilder and filled with magic. I am working on a walking stick, a staff, a rune set, and a wand from fallen beech, paper birch, red oak and hemlock.

Brigidrose 05-16-18 05:33 PM

Re: What did you observe?
The fragrant lily of the valley, 3 hummingbirds. I put the feeders out 3 weeks ago even if it was chilly and the early arrivals came and sipped.

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