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satanubis 11-14-18 09:09 PM

SatAnubis' Artwork
Hi Everyone,

Well I do a lot of artwork. This year I just haven't been inspired a lot. I've been doing more writing. Anyway, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this month and I decided to draw my main character who is named Elwyna. She is the Queen of the Nightmares. Let me make a distinction, not nightmares as in dreams, but nightmares as in horses. The title of the book is called The Queen of the Nightmares and I hope to get it published after I finish writing it. The picture isn't perfect of course. It's my first time working with curly hair and highlights. Also black is an SOB to work with. However, I hope you like it nonetheless.

Current time: 01:49 PM (GMT -4)

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