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Habilus 07-20-17 08:51 AM

Natural and legal stimulants?
I can't have much caffeine, anyone know any herbs that will get me up and running and not crash in an hour?

feranaja 07-20-17 04:56 PM

Re: Natural and legal stimulants?
First I'd need to know why it is you can't have caffeine. :)

Habilus 07-21-17 01:13 PM

Re: Natural and legal stimulants?
I bought so called ephedrine to use for a sinus infection, BUT there was no ephedrine in it and I ended up consuming the equivalent of 25 cups of coffee, so I ended up overdosing, having my stomach convulse so bad the lining ripped. now anything stronger than black coffee or a soda gives me cramps and occasionally panic attacks from my "near death" experience, well. I thought I was going to die. turns out the crap I took was designed to be "trucker pills" or no doze. BUT THE DAMNED BOTTLE PLAINLY SAID IN BIG RED LETTERS, EPHEDRINE! I should have sued the hell out of everybody concerned.

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