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green aventurine 09-18-11 09:22 AM

Tarot course by fera
Okay, Fera is going to go ahead with a tarot course at some point (:woot:) and I have volunteered to be her admin/secretary to lighten her load a little :scribe:

It's going to involve using the RWS deck (I'm assuming/hoping universal).

I'll keep adding to this initial post to say what the course will consist of but can people sign up here if they are interested, please? Also it would be helpful if you could say a bit about what you would like to see on the course and what kind of level you would like it at. :)

feranaja 09-18-11 09:25 AM

Re: Tarot course by Fera
I'm going to move this to Courses and Lectures, and will start work probably tomorrow. Today, astonishingly, I plan to rest. :)

I will compile some web resources and recommended readings though and get them up later today. I look forward to hearing what prospective students have to say, what the needs are. I will gear the content to the level I see a need for.

green aventurine 09-18-11 09:26 AM

Re: Tarot course by Fera
sounds good! Let me know if you need me to do anything, otherwise I'll make a post myself later on.

Have a good rest! :)

green aventurine 09-18-11 03:49 PM

Re: Tarot course by fera
For my part, even though I'm a beginner, I'd like to see a class at a higher intermediate level.

My main interest would be practice and interpretation of simple spreads (including talking about symbols in the cards), commonalities (different numbers, court cards, suits etc). I would also like to examine in greater detail the three journeys the fool makes in the major Arcana.

I'm not so interested at the moment with correspondences to astrology and Kabbalah (sp?) (unless they help to clarify/explain the above) and not that interested with the history of tarot although I would be interested to know where Waite and Smith were coming from and their particular slant on tarot based on their beliefs.

HRH 09-18-11 04:20 PM

Re: Tarot course by fera
I think it might be better to start at the most basic level possible. It never hurts to review known information, and you'd be sure not to lose anyone. You could advance as quickly as everyone is comfortable.

I'm really interested, but I'm about to start a new job. Affording materials and promising I'd have the time to truly devote myself is up in the air.

Spiral 09-18-11 10:02 PM

Re: Tarot course by fera
I'm interested :)

I've had tarot cards for years but only use them occasionally, and I rely pretty heavily on the book I have explaining what each card means. So I'm probably at a beginner level, but I'm happy to do my best to catch up if the class is at a higher level. I'd like to learn how to read the cards more intuitively, and about different spreads and how to know which one to use for a particular question/reading.

I'm studying and working at the moment and there will probably be a few days/a week here and there when I don't have too much time to spare. So if there are assignments and deadlines I may sometimes struggle to meet them, but I will try :)

EarthlyOne 09-18-11 11:57 PM

Re: Tarot course by fera
:hurray: Yay Tarot course. I was just taking a break from searching for free tarot courses online when I came in an saw this one on ESF lol.

I'm interested to learn how to effectively combine traditional card meanings with intuitive responses. I would also love to learn the all symbolism behind the cards as well.

Will I need to purchase a RW deck? or will there be other decks we can use as well that are similar to the RW?

ffetcher 09-19-11 05:52 AM

Re: Tarot course by fera
I tried to get into Tarot years ago, and we have the RW deck (somewhere:)) but the two of us dabbling occasionally, even if we're relatively quick studies, doesn't get me beyond the absolute beginner level in comparison with what I know there is to learn. I can't guarantee to devote hours and hours to it, but I'd be interested in something that started from beginner, that's taught by someone I know I can trust.


feranaja 09-19-11 07:18 AM

Re: Tarot course by fera
Ok - so far so good. I will be making this course private, so anyone who wants in needs to let me now by Wednesday. I have somekind of a head-cold/allergic rhinitis going on and I've been quite ill, yesterday - better today but I am not 100 % by a long shot. I expect to have a start on the course by Thursday, so if anyone wants in, please post here before then.

Now; recommended reading. I see we have a range of levels and needs, so i am going to work with both fairly Introductory texts and more advanced. In addition to my own system of learning the cards and working with interpretations, I think it would be beneficial and fun to try some exercises together and compare results. One of the best books I know is Mary Greer's Tarot For Yourself - all her books are fabulous, but this is probably the one we want for now. If you can't access it, I'll be writing up the exercises anyway so no need to panic. It is however a highly recommended one!
Mary's blog is superb, too. I want to refer everyone to this entry in particular.

One thing I may do is review these ideas and add commentary...I find some of them useful and others not so much. One thing about blogs like this is, they contain a HUGE amount of information, which is both great and can also be overwhelming. One of the aims of my course will be to chunk it down into manageable bites and move through specific steps. Most definitely i will be suggesting related practises, to help loosen and open the abilities you may be a little closed down in, practises for before and after a reading, as well as more technical exercises.
At any rate - I promised a reading list, let's start with Tarot for Yourself by Greer and 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack (the best reader/writer on the topic IMHO) and I'll pop in with a few more after I've actually got my day going here.

A RWS deck, any edition or colouring you like, is also necessary.

back in a bit...fera :)

feranaja 09-19-11 07:24 AM

Re: Tarot course by fera

Originally Posted by HRH (Post 256630)
I think it might be better to start at the most basic level possible. It never hurts to review known information, and you'd be sure not to lose anyone. You could advance as quickly as everyone is comfortable.

I'm really interested, but I'm about to start a new job. Affording materials and promising I'd have the time to truly devote myself is up in the air.

HRH I've read several of your posts regarding your own Tarot background and I really think an Advanced course is something more up your alley. I will do one of those as well in future, if now isn't a good time for you, maybe the next one?
NOTE: people can always audit the course, no need to do the assignments etc, that's optional. You will of course get the most out of the work if you DO keep up and hand things in, but you can benefit a lot from just auditing, I am sure. Keep the notes in a binder and do the work later on. if the course is successful I will run it again and you can re-take it. this is a fun and laid back adventure, not a college course for credit or anything.

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