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Brigidrose 06-21-15 04:36 PM

Music of the Planets
I thought this was so very cool :)

When we look into space, we see a quiet, endless, crushing void of nothingness, but maybe it isnít quite so quiet after all. Have a listen to the music of the planets and stars.

Windsmith bat Gaia 06-23-15 10:17 AM

Re: Music of the Planets
Yesssssss. I love that sound.

WolfyJames 07-02-15 10:24 AM

Re: Music of the Planets
I sometimes hear music, can be anything from classic, to jazz to tribal. My mother also hear music as well.

petrus4 07-02-15 04:10 PM

Re: Music of the Planets
Sun:- (in Aquarius for me)
In Time, by Robbie Robb.

Night In That Land, by Nightnoise.

Dare To Be Stupid, by Weird Al Yankovic.
Hook - End Credits, from the Hook soundtrack; specifically 1:50 to 3:45.

Venus:- (In Aries for me)
Hot Chilli Woman, by Noiseworks.

Barbarian Horde, from the Gladiator soundtrack.
All Fired Up, by Pat Benetar.
Terminator 2 Main Title, by Brad Fiedel.

The Touch, by Stan Bush, from the Transformers animated movie soundtrack.
Big Time, by Peter Gabriel
Superman Theme, by John Williams.
St. Elmo's Fire, by John Parr.

Toccata and Fugue, by Bach.
Like A Dog Chasing Cars, by Hans Zimmer, from the Dark Knight soundtrack.

Attack, by Plastix.

Beyond Tomorrow, by Robert Love.

Hymn to the Sea, from the Titanic soundtrack.

Complication, by Nine Inch Nails.
Closer, by Nine Inch Nails.
A Dark Knight, from the Dark Knight soundtrack.

Brigidrose 07-03-15 10:05 PM

Re: Music of the Planets
Nice list Petrus ! :)

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