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Sacred 12-28-11 05:36 PM

Re: For Runelore Students

DonelleBeira 12-28-11 05:50 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Me, too! YAY!

LadyOfTheTrees 09-05-12 01:20 AM

Re: For Runelore Students
I just ordered runes as I've started studying Asatru (independently) in addition to my Druidry courses. I look forward to going through this course :)

SunSister 09-05-12 05:25 AM

Re: For Runelore Students
Sincere apologies, first of all, for the very very long delay in coursework. :) I could give a number of reasons why things went downhill -- none of which would make any difference, really. Suffice to say that I am working behind the screens to get this back on the road. :)

DonelleBeira 09-05-12 09:55 AM

Re: For Runelore Students

Leben 09-05-12 12:46 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I'm looking forward to what you have to offer, SunSister :)

LarkWahya 09-05-12 08:43 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
im glad the course is coming back but i left my rune journal at home, it wont feel right not doing my work in it :(

LarkWahya 05-13-15 12:45 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
is there any chance of this course coming back? i was really enjoying it and it feels weird to have only an introduction to the first few runes

SunSister 05-13-15 12:49 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Honestly, I thought I would've had the time to put it together in full.. but then life happened, and a million other things, and right now I'm at the point where I'd be able to talk about some of these things sensibly but not put them together comprehensively enough for a course. It's halted indefinitely at this stage, unfortunately. :(

Thanks for inquiring after it, though, Lark. :)

feranaja 05-13-15 01:57 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I was loving SunSister's amazing insights too, but we are looking to start up another series of mini courses, starting with Crystals 1011(I hope) and maybe, just maybe, a rune course too.

I am setting up a herb course(for humans!) over the next few weeks, it will be very thorough and provide students with a solid foundation for further study, with me or elsewhere. It's a paid course, but I will discuss sliding scale with interested ESF members. more on that in a separate thread. Let's see about getting both runes and crystals up and going. :)

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