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SunSister 10-24-11 02:31 PM

For Runelore Students
I want to take the opportunity to post any updates from my end in this thread, including any setbacks/delays and random tidbits, and hope that you will do the same for anything going on at your end. I hope you're all still enjoying the course and the materials provided. Please let me know how you're doing so far and where you are in the course. :) (I would check in with everyone personally, but circumstances sadly prevent me from doing so at this point in time.)

Unfortunately, real life has done a bit of a number on me personally. I'm struggling with some health issues as of late (nothing too serious, I assure you :)) and have poured all my remaining energy into making sure I worked the hours my real-life job required of me. This has caused the course to have a little bit of a setback: the work for week three is not ready to be up and running just yet. I expect to be able to post a portion of the work later this week, but the full material will probably not find its way here until this time next week.

I apologise for the delay and the inconvenience this causes. :) It is not something I hoped would be necessary, but I also do not wish to post material that is woefully inadequate just to get the week on the road. Thank you for your understanding. (And I hope you take a moment this week to review the past two weeks and check in with me when you have the time. :))

LarkWahya 10-24-11 02:36 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
thats ok im still working on week two anyway, i got side tracked by midterms last week so no rush ^~^

feranaja 10-24-11 02:44 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
fine by me, sweetie I'm working on Week One and struggling to get all my own work in for tarot. This is a fantastic service ESF provides and "real life" will get in the way - take all the time you need.

MonSno_LeeDra 10-24-11 02:47 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
That's fine by me. My printer is down at the moment so printing out anything is a pain anyway.

Sacred 10-24-11 03:00 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Still on Week 2. Real life comes first, rest up ♥

DonelleBeira 10-24-11 03:18 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Take care of yourself first! Plenty to absorb so far to keep me busy, I assure you. :p

Arvodd 10-24-11 06:09 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I know the feeling, life has got in the way of doingmore than just glancing at the course. But I already have questions,but give me time and I'll get it all down for you to play with. Good luck with life;-)

windspirit 10-28-11 07:09 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I'm experiencing that "life" issue also. Please don't stress . The real-life job is what allows the free time to teach us.
More importantly, be well !

LarkWahya 12-28-11 04:19 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
i miss this course, saw a rune book in the store the other day and it reminded me of this

SunSister 12-28-11 04:23 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I miss it, too! :) I've been crazily busy these past months, but looks like January will offer enough time to reopen the course in full swing. I'm certainly working on it, even though there's not much to show for it.. :)

Sacred 12-28-11 05:36 PM

Re: For Runelore Students

DonelleBeira 12-28-11 05:50 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Me, too! YAY!

LadyOfTheTrees 09-05-12 01:20 AM

Re: For Runelore Students
I just ordered runes as I've started studying Asatru (independently) in addition to my Druidry courses. I look forward to going through this course :)

SunSister 09-05-12 05:25 AM

Re: For Runelore Students
Sincere apologies, first of all, for the very very long delay in coursework. :) I could give a number of reasons why things went downhill -- none of which would make any difference, really. Suffice to say that I am working behind the screens to get this back on the road. :)

DonelleBeira 09-05-12 09:55 AM

Re: For Runelore Students

Leben 09-05-12 12:46 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I'm looking forward to what you have to offer, SunSister :)

LarkWahya 09-05-12 08:43 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
im glad the course is coming back but i left my rune journal at home, it wont feel right not doing my work in it :(

LarkWahya 05-13-15 12:45 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
is there any chance of this course coming back? i was really enjoying it and it feels weird to have only an introduction to the first few runes

SunSister 05-13-15 12:49 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
Honestly, I thought I would've had the time to put it together in full.. but then life happened, and a million other things, and right now I'm at the point where I'd be able to talk about some of these things sensibly but not put them together comprehensively enough for a course. It's halted indefinitely at this stage, unfortunately. :(

Thanks for inquiring after it, though, Lark. :)

feranaja 05-13-15 01:57 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I was loving SunSister's amazing insights too, but we are looking to start up another series of mini courses, starting with Crystals 1011(I hope) and maybe, just maybe, a rune course too.

I am setting up a herb course(for humans!) over the next few weeks, it will be very thorough and provide students with a solid foundation for further study, with me or elsewhere. It's a paid course, but I will discuss sliding scale with interested ESF members. more on that in a separate thread. Let's see about getting both runes and crystals up and going. :)

Brigidrose 05-13-15 10:54 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I will love to learn more. I am in that phase of my life...although life tries to get in my way..I just go around :)

October 09-07-15 09:01 PM

Re: For Runelore Students
I would also love to learn more. I'm rubbish at Runes, but I've always wanted to use them.

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