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DonelleBeira 06-22-12 09:14 AM

What did you observe?
Observation is critical when walking an Earth Path so this thread is a place for us to post the things we see whether they be simple or profound.

Where did your mind go as you watched? What questions came to mind? Did you learn something from the experience?

DrumWolf 06-22-12 09:56 AM

Re: What did you observe?
My observations are often mundane rather than profound (but still interesting). I perform no rituals or invocations, but a regular Earth Path activity I do is hiking around my area.
Walking over rough terrain is fantastic for focusing the mind, as I have to be aware of every footstep in case I mis-judge a loose rock, don't see a rabbit hole or whatever. Because I'm focused on the ground, I get the chance to see all sorts of bugs, beasties and plants and how the communities change as I hike higher. I would be missing all that if I was just striding unobservantly over the land.

feranaja 06-22-12 10:40 AM

Re: What did you observe?
nettles and plantain doing very poorly here this year, well plantago major was awful, lanceolata was good. Valerian, motherwort, mallow and mugwort are HUGE. The tree swallows left early; beautiful mourning dove pair here all the time. The oriole came as he did last year but left early, too. I am blessed with three squirrels to dote on this summer, we normally have none. My waxwings here of course. We see no deer at all since the guy with all the dogs moved in across the field; elder very late blooming.
Ground ivy took over so no prunella, which really sucks, since I plan to work deeply with her this year. But the mullein is fantastic - perhaps we get what we need.

and, it's the strangest weather ever.

DonelleBeira 06-27-12 12:08 PM

Re: What did you observe?
Spirals and Branches.....

DonelleBeira 06-27-12 12:09 PM

Re: What did you observe?
A lone doe feeding at midnight three nights in a row......

Brigidrose 06-27-12 12:15 PM

Re: What did you observe?
Cardinals and robins splashing in our bird bath...the baby bunnies hopping around and the puppy coyotes trying to howl in the evening for their gathering.

Brenna 06-28-12 01:00 AM

Re: What did you observe?
Thistles are getting ready to bloom.

DonelleBeira 06-28-12 11:07 AM

Re: What did you observe?
A male Cardinal passing food to a female Cardinal, who flew away with the morsel dangling from her beak.

feranaja 06-28-12 04:44 PM

Re: What did you observe?
incredible harvest of sambucus candensis (elder) more than I can use, overflowing -- but no hypericum (St. John's Wort) no prunella ( All heal) and the roses died back so quickly

freezing cold like late autumn and then hot like today...extremes, unusual

Brenna 06-28-12 08:14 PM

Re: What did you observe?
The bees seem to be after the clover lately.

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