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LarkWahya 03-30-14 10:30 PM

Dreams about your house
has anyone ever had dreams about their home where things were different, but it wasn't different for one dream, but like consistently different in every dream? Since the beginning of the year when ever I dream about my house it's exactly like my house is expect there is a secret door in the one corner of the basement that leads outside. Now strictly speaking this is impossible because the basement is underground in a cement foundation but in my dream theres always a door that looks exactly like the wall and has a lock and it leads right outside to the drive way.

In most of my dreams I use it as a means to sneak away or avoid capture, last nights dream it was a means of annoyance because it was how a bunch of walkers got into the house. Luckily I had a sword near by and am fairly adept at chopping ff heads (needless to say i probably should never have started watching walking dead though, now my zombie/apocalypse dreams are far to realistic)

But have any of you ever had dreams like that? Ive had others where there's a secret staircase in my parents room by the bookshelf that leads to a white tower that i've fashioned int a library/ secondary bedroom. But that modification has only been in 2 dreams....both also involved zombies and the end of the world >.<

I just thought the consistency was kind of weird and unusual.

Brigidrose 03-30-14 11:28 PM

Re: Dreams about your house
My kids had dreams like that, well not with walkers, but they were in a house, they knew they lived there but it wasn't what our house looked like. I would say it was about a year or two after that we moved in a new one, something similar to the ones in their dreams.

LarkWahya 03-30-14 11:39 PM

Re: Dreams about your house
so theirs was sort of like a premonition? thats interesting. I knw my house used to be a barn and was made residential after about 30 years after it was built but we dont have the original plans so i have no idea if a door or tower ever used to be there.

Brigidrose 03-30-14 11:44 PM

Re: Dreams about your house
It could be house is actually you, and maybe the tower or secret door is just a symbol of a part of you that you keep close to you...or, the symbol of house is you and you are growing and changing , so will your "house". Most dreams are parts of you. I would keep a journal and jot them down to see if there is a message. I used to do this, but I got lazy. It can really help with different aspects of your life.

Katharine 03-31-14 02:51 AM

Re: Dreams about your house
I often have those.

All of my dreams are set in places I have spent a great deal of time. Like, I've never had a dream in a house I've lived in for less than a year. Still NEVER had a dream set in Florida.

I routinely have dreams wherein my grandmother's house has additional rooms, usually with some supernatural element to them.

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