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Default Re: The Dark Side of Crystals

I'm hoping Lightdragon may come in and help us find ethical sources? I'm in love with crystals (like everybody else) and just don't want to support unethical suppliers.

It seems everything on earth is tainted with consumerism. I just bought a pair of shoes online I thought were pretty "Druidy" but without knowing the provenance of the leather...NOT very Druidy... I think I will only buy vegan shoes in future unless I know 100% where the material came from.Not that cats and dogs lives are worth so much more than cows and deer, but the way they are tortured in Asia is an abomination. And yes, the leather from those animals makes its way into things like gloves and shoes.
Sorry for the brutal digression...but I feel we who work magic need to know both where our tools come from, and how to take action against this sort of thing.

THis source looks reliable. I'll make a resource File here and in other forums, for ethical suppliers (leather, herbs) we can support without contributing to the pillaging of the earth.
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