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Default Patrick And Sunbeam

Chapter 3

Patrick and Sunbeam arrive to Fladra. This village is diverse full of humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and other creatures that lived here. They arrived to Patrick house. Patrick was getting his house keys in his pocket. He got his house keys out of his pocket. He open the door. Both of them went inside the house. Patrick closed and lock the door from inside.

"Hey everyone. I'm home and I brought a new friend with me." said Patrick. Suddenly an attractive young woman enter the living. She appears to be human. She's tall and muscular. She have long red hair.

"Hey honey. How was your mountain climbing?" asked the young woman.

"I nearly died by falling down from the mountain but luckily my new friend Sunbeam Spiderfleck saved my life from certain death." Patrick replied.

"Oh I'm so happy that fairy saved your life, dear. Hello my name is Carrie Wands. I'm Patrick's wife." said Carrie.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Wands." Sunbeam greeted back to Carrie. Suddenly two kids enter the living room. One was a boy who appears to be human. He's short and muscular. He have short red hair. The second child was female who also appears to be human. She was a few inches shorter than the boy. She was also muscular. She have long red hair.

"Hey Dad. How was your mountain climbing." asked the young boy.

"I nearly died as I mentioned to your mother. My new friend saved my life. Sunbeam, this is my son Stan and my daughter Bonnie. Kids this is Sunbeam Spiderfleck, daddy new friend." Patrick replied back to his son.

"Hi Sunbeam." Stan introduced to Sunbeam.

"Hi Sunbeam. How did you saved my Daddy's life?" asked Bonnie curiousity.

"Hey kids. Well Bonnie to answer your question I saw your father falling down from the mountain. So I flew in and caught your father just a nick of time." said Sunbeam.

"Wow that's amazing. You must be very strong." said Stan impressively.

"Strength runs in my family." Sunbeam replied back.

"Is Sunbeam going to have lunch with us, Daddy." asked Bonnie.

"Yes. He's going to have with us. Bonnie." Patrick replied back.

"It's an honor to have lunch with you and your family Patrick." said Sunbeam he going to have lunch with the Wands family.

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