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Default Patrick And Sunbeam

Chapter 4

It was lunchtime in the afternoon.

Sunbeam and the Wands family was eating lunch together at the family table. At the table they have so much nutritious foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, beans and fish.

"So Sunbeam tell us about yourself?" asked Carrie.

"Well as everybody know that I'm a fairy. I lived at a village called Faeria. I have three younger sisters. My parents have died during the Orc Invasion at my village. I'm single and I don't have a girlfriend. Still looking for the right female fairy. I workout everyday. I do a lot of hobbies since as extreme sports. And that's about it so far." Sunbeam replied back to Carrie.

"So how high can you fly, Sunbeam." asked Bonnie.

"Very high. The highest that I could fly is about by five hundred feet." Sunbeam replied back to Bonnie.

"Wow that's very high. Does your wings ever get tired of flying?" asked Stan.

"Sometimes but not that often. I can lift heavy loads while I'm flying. I can ever lift humans while I'm flying. I'm very strong for a fairy."

"Hey can you me a ride while you're flying." asked Bonnie.

"Me too. I'm want to ride with you." said Stan.

"Sure someday." Sunbeam replied back to Bonnie and Stan. Everybody was eating.

"Oh honey. I received a letter from your parents. They're going to visit our house from the weekend." said Carrie.

"Oh that's wonderful dear. Kids, Grandpa and Grandma is going to visit our home this weekend." said Patrick as both kids are excited to see their grandparents.

"Who's your parents Patrick?" Sunbeam asked curiousity.

"My parents are Pellinore and Dindrane Wands, Sunbeam. I'll introduce them to you." Patrick replied back to Sunbeam.

"That's great. I'll love to meet your parents Patrick." said Sunbeam.

"Speaking of meeting. I'm going to introduce my friends to you as well." said Patrick.

"That's even better. I'll love to meet your friends as well." said Sunbeam.

"Well I'm done eating. That was the best lunch in history." said Patrick.

"Dear you always said that." said Carrie as everybody laughed.

"I'm done eating as well. Carrie thank you for inviting me for lunch with your family." said Sunbeam.

"Thank you Sunbeam. You're welcome to our home anytime." Carrie replied back to Sunbeam.

"Bonnie and Stan. I'll promised both of you a free ride with me. So anyway I must go. It was nice meeting all of you. Are you coming Patrick?" asked Sunbeam.

"Yes. I'm coming Sunbeam. Goodbye everyone. I'll see you later." said Patrick as he greeted farewell to his family. Patrick and Sunbeam left the house and they're planning to meet Patrick friends.

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