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Default Patrick And Sunbeam

Chapter 5

Patrick and Sunbeam went to Fladra Tavern, a place where customers drink beer, hang out, and tell stories and legends. Patrick saw three human men sitting at the table.

"Hey buds. How it hanging?" said Patrick as he and Sunbeam approached the three men.

"Hey Patrick. Who's the fairy?" one of the men asked.

"Guys this is my new friend, Sunbeam Spiderfleck. Sunbeam these are my friends, George Cups, Andrew Swords and David Pentacles." said Patrick. George Cups described himself as a tall male Human, Muscular build with short blond hair. Andrew Swords described himself as a tale male Human, Muscular build with short brown hair and finally David Pentacles described himself as a tall male Human, muscular build with short black hair.

"Hi guys. Nice to meet all of you." said Sunbeam.

So Sunbeam, how did you meet Patrick anyway?" asked David.

"I saw him falling down at the mountain and I saved his life which happens earlier this morning." said Sunbeam.

"Wow you saved Patrick life? Amazing." said Andrew as he was surprised by Sunbeam comments.

"So how did all of you meet Patrick anyway?" asked Sunbeam.

"All four of us are childhood friends. We met each other since preschool and we've been friends ever since." said George.

"So Sunbeam do you have any powers?" asked Andrew.

"Uh...I have wings and I could fly." said Sunbeam.

"Do you have any other powers such as casting magical spells." asked Andrew.

"Sorry but I don't do magical spells. I'm more like a fighter type of fairy." said Sunbeam.

"A fairy that doesn't use any magical spells. That's very rare." said David as he was surprised.

"It's not that I hate using magical spells. It just that I don't really need to use any magical spells in my life. I prefer physical strength and body than magical spells. Also I choose the fighter path and use combat in my life."

"I understand. Everybody have a path to follow." said Andrew.

"Also all my three sisters are wizards. They made their choice to follow their path. I just choose a different direction." said Sunbeam.

"Hey Patrick, the three of us are going to watch Dragon Wars this weekend at David's house. Your friend is welcome to join with us if he want." said Andrew.

"Sorry my parents are coming over at my house for the weekend. Maybe some other time." said Patrick.

"Oh.... that's too bad. Tell your parents that I say hi." Andrew replied back to Patrick and he was very disappointed to hear that Patrick was unable to come.

"I've heard of that show Dragon Wars. Isn't that the show where Dragons fight against each other at a tournament?" asked Sunbeam.

"Yeah that the one." Andrew replied back to Sunbeam.

"Yeah I really want to watch the show but I promise Patrick to meet his parents. Maybe some other time then." said Sunbeam.

"Yeah Sunbeam and I best be going now. See you guys later." said Patrick.

"It's was nice meeting you gentlemen." said Patrick as he and Sunbeam left the tavern.

"Well it was nice meeting you Patrick. I have other things to do. I'll meet you at your house in the weekend ok?" asked Sunbeam.

"Yes. See you later Sunbeam." said Patrick.

"See you later Patrick." Sunbeam replies back as he flew away heading back to his village.

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