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Default Patrick And Sunbeam

Chapter 6

It was Saturday afternoon. Sunbeam arrives at Patrick house. He knocks the door. Patrick opened the door from the inside.

"Hi, Sunbeam," said Patrick as he greeted Sunbeam.

"Hey, Patrick. Have your parents arrived yet?" asked Sunbeam as he went inside the house.

"Yes there here. Let me announce them to you," said Patrick as he and Sunbeam approach to Patrick's parents.

"Mom and dad, this is Sunbeam Spiderfleck, my new friend," said Patrick.

"Hello, Sunbeam. My name is Pellinore. I'm Patrick father." said Pellinore.

"Hi, Sunbeam. My name is Dindrane. I'm Patrick mother." said Dindrane.

"Hello. Nice to meet you both." Sunbeam replied back to both Patrick parents.

"Our son told so many things about you," said Pellinore.

"Did he mention that I save his life," asked Sunbeam in case Patrick left some details out.

"Yes, he mentions that you flew in to catch Patrick as he was falling down at the mountain. He wouldn't survive the fall if it's wasn't for your exalted deeds." Pellinore replied to Sunbeam.

"Yes. I'm so glad I was there in time to save your son," said Sunbeam.

"Back when I was a young boy. Humans and fairies used to be sworn, enemies. Humans look after their own kind and fairies look after their own kind." said Pellinore.

"Yes back in your day's things well pretty different and sinister," Sunbeam replied back to Pellinore.

"But both kinds manage to make peace and get along much better as it was back in the day," said Dindrane.

"If only if the orcs have the same mindset as you humans. We're still at war with them," said Sunbeam.

"Oh, sweetie. the orcs are at war with just about everybody including us humans. So you're not alone."

"Did Patrick also mention about my tragic past?" asked Sunbeam.

"Yes, he has. Pellinore and I are deeply sorry that you have to go through with it," said Dindrane.

"Yes I thought about it every day," said Sunbeam.

"I'm sure your parents were good people," said Dindrane.

"They were good people. If they were alive today you would have met with them for a get-together."

"So Sunbeam I have a question asked you, Do you have a girlfriend?" asked Dindrane smiling.

" I haven't found the right girl yet," said Sunbeam as he started to blush.

"Don't worry you'll find the right girl," said Dindrane.

"How did you two meet anyway?" asked Sunbeam.

"Dindrane and I met in preschool since we were very small kids and we been together ever since," said Pellinore.

"Oh wow you been together for almost forever," said Sunbeam as he was surprised.

"Yes we have our ups and downs just like in any relationship but we never broke up our relationship," said Pellinore.

Sunbeam and Patrick parents were talking for hours having a wonderful conversation. 4 hours later Sunbeam was about to leave Patrick house.

"Bye everybody. It's was nice meeting you Pellinore and Dindrane. Oh, Patrick, do you want to meet my family next weekend?"

"Sure. I would love to meet your family Sunbeam," said Patrick.

"Good see you next Saturday," said Sunbeam as he left the house.

"Bye Sunbeam I'll be there," said Patrick.

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