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Default Patrick And Sunbeam

Chapter 8

It was Saturday afternoon. Patrick went to Sunbeam's village known as Faeria. Faeria was inhabitant by fairies. Patrick arrives at Sunbeam's house. He knocks at the door from outside. Someone open the door from inside. It was Sunbeam.

"Hey, Patrick. How are you doing?" asked Sunbeam?

"I'm doing ok I guess," Patrick replied back to Sunbeam with less enthusiasm.

"Patrick I would like you to meet my family. My three little sisters. said Sunbeam as Patrick went inside the house. Sunbeam close and locks the door from inside. Patrick and Sunbeam approached three female fairies.

"This is Bluebell, Juniper and Lily," said Sunbeam.

"Nice to meet you all," said Patrick.

"Hey Patrick," said Bluebell.

"Hey Patrick," said Juniper.

"Hey Patrick," said Lily.

"Sunbeam you won't believe what happens during this week," said Patrick.

"What is it, Patrick?" asked Sunbeam.

"George, Andrew and David are no longer friends with me," Patrick replied back to Sunbeam for shocking news.

"What? How did that happen? I thought the four of you guys were very close friends." said Sunbeam as he was surprised to hear the shocking news.

"I thought so too but they told me that ever since that we became friends after you rescued me at the mountains I've spent more time with you and spend less time with them," said Patrick.

"That doesn't sound like them. Either they're jerks or they must have been enchanted with some kind of spell." Sunbeam replied back to Patrick.

"You think they've been enchanted by magic," asked Patrick.

"Yeah. Maybe if I talked to them to see if they were enchanted?" said Sunbeam.

"I don't know Sunbeam. Maybe it bests to leave it be," said Patrick.

"I can at least try," said Sunbeam.

"Ok, go for it," said Patrick as he spends the rest of the day with Sunbeam.

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