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Default Re: Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice

Originally Posted by Maikan View Post
.. to the standing stone and the tom, by well the stone is now back where it belongs it, and one of the stones from the tomb markers its site, it was something the Ancestors and the Sidhe here made very clear they wanted done, but a lot of work still has to be done with them and the land here to return it to what it was. All this for 1 pint of blood and a selfless act to save a life.

That always reminds me that blood oaths can also cross via ones lineage and they not even know about it. When I was stationed in Scotland I encountered a spirit that says it had a blood oath to defend one of my ancestors that it failed to protect. It found me within three days of my arriving there. Until I arrived there it had no way to regain its honor and uphold that blood oath. He defended me a couple of times against "Spirit" assaults and when my son was born appears to have crossed to defend my wife and children.

I figure if ones ancestors can make bonds via blood that affect us then it seems logical that we ourselves can create them as well to our future. The bad part is I think they are far easier to create than most of us ever give serious consideration to or about.
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