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Default Re: Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice

Originally Posted by Maikan View Post
.. As to blooding blades of weapons, well its all very good but they can get lost or stolen over time. I had a knife that I made stolen and used against me energetically many years ago back home. That knife I'd not only made I'd also blooded. I was lucky that a good friend got the knife back and destroyed it at my request. It was then returned to me in bits to do with as I thought best, which I did. ..
Blooding of weapons I think is an iffy area. Figure many people would have a blade commissioned and have part of the blood used in the creation of said blade. It was to give the blade a taste of their blood and keep it from cutting or biting them in usage. Almost ties into the old notion of any blade that is pulled has to be blooded before it is returned to its scabbard less it grow hungry.

Therein might be the difference in that a blade that is created is blooded during creation. A named blade is blooded after proving itself in battle or dance. Then a blade may also be ceremonial named and blooded for ritual / ceremonial usage and tied to the person who will use it. Then I suppose it could be blooded as a ritual or personal item which is still different than the above examples.

For me i'd use option one or two for blooding and binding. Perhaps option three for honoring of the blade and to forge a pairing. Not to me a pairing is a union of spirit but not a binding and blooding. Option four to me is not used that much except in the sense of never allowing a blade to return to its scabbard thirsty.
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