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Default Re: Blood Magick - Various Methods Of Using Blood In Practice

Originally Posted by petrus4 View Post
I think the simplest way to sum up this topic in general, is to quote Jim Carrey.

"Blood should stay inside the body. That's just where it's meant to be."

Before you ask, yes, I have experience, kids. Both of my Kali statues have had my blood on the base of them before.
Bolded mine

That brings up another aspect, that of installing or breathing life into ones statue. Some practices demand that blood be given by the adapt in bringing their god / goddess to life and being enshrined or installed into a statuary piece. One of the reason's its so important and demanding to actually do so.

Once alive the statue has to be given proper offerings, libations, dressings, washings and possibly even parading. Consider many of the Catholic practices of the processions of various statues through towns or even more archaic practices which involved processions to the river for instance to bathe the statue.

So the question then becomes one of did you blood your statue or did you enshrine it and bring it to life? What I know to have happened to them suggests you enshrined them then didn't carry through with Kali breaking them to let you know she was displeased but not upset nor demanding restitution at this point in time.

Two different usages of blood with two very different end potentials.
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