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Default Gifts from Crow

My garden is adjacent to a field, and I have a couple of crows that use the area as their territory. Occasionally I put out some seeds for them then sit and watch them for a while. They have become used to my presence, but can still get a wee bit skittish if I move or shift position.

2 weeks ago, as I was coming out to scatter some seeds, I noticed a crow feather at the spot where I always sit and watch them. I assumed that the feather had just naturally been shed from one of them as it flew overhead. However, 2 nights ago, there was another feather left in exactly the same spot.

I knew that crows, ravens and magpies sometimes leave objects such as bottle tops, string etc but I didn't realise they could also leave their feathers.

I felt extremely honoured. (watch the video at the end of this article!)
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