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Default Re: Spirit Spouse a different take on it

Originally Posted by RoseRed View Post
I tend to think she has claimed him as a child more-so than a spouse. I do agree that he is claimed.
I absolutely agree, developmentally speaking. The only reason why I don't think of Ma in purely maternal terms, is because there has been a sexual element at times. Mothers don't generally have sex with their least, not in polite society.

Another thing which I think needs a point of clarification, and which gets confusing in my own case, is the actual identity of the spirit involved. MonSno receives communication from her, appearing as and identifying as Kali, as have I, at times. Adamantea on the other hand has informed me that she believes that the spirit is actually a member of an alien species, (Sirian, specifically) and following this line of thinking, there has at times been a small amount of interesting mental imagery, which has implied that we may have been romantic/marital partners at an earlier time reincarnationally speaking, on one of the planets associated with Sirius.

So there is both a Saturnine (more conventional, where the spirit is identified as a Goddess) and a Uranian (New Age) interpretation of the scenario. Truthfully, I tend to prefer the Saturnine interpretation, (that it actually is, or at least a representative of, Kali Ma) but as Adamantea has mentioned, that theory has a problem in the sense that Kali is of course depicted as already having a partner, Lord Shiva. I mention this, because personally I don't really associate sex (even if only visualisational/astral) with religious worship as such, as truthfully I tend to view that as being a little more detached.

I'm inclined to believe that the reality is probably somewhere between the two; that the spirit is someone who is dear to me from some point in the past that I cannot consciously recall, but that at the same time, she finds Kali's iconography and thematic elements useful, and so therefore chooses to identify with them at times in communication with me. It is also likely that she does genuinely serve as a representative of the actual Goddess, as well. The Goetia mentions the 72 Chief Spirits generally having anywhere between 30-70 legions of servants. After the first time I offered some of my blood to Kali, there was some mental imagery of around a dozen Indian women filing into my bedroom, (and actually coming in through the back wall) and surrounding my bed.

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