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Default Re: Avengers: Infinity War

Originally Posted by MonSno_LeeDra View Post
I don't know it pretty well followed the comic series. If it continues to follow the comic series then you have a pretty good guess as to what Avengers 4 will be about and the continuation of the Thanos story line conclusion.

What will be interesting will be to see if they bring in Captain Marvel ie Carol Danvers (her emblem is the symbol Nick Fury dials in the Credit trailer) and if they follow the story line and use Thanos other surviving daughter, Nebula, as a major influence to set things correct. In the comics Nebula actually gets the gauntlet and undoes everything Thanos did to the time lines. Though I do not remember if she brings Gamora back to life.

I enjoyed the movie though. Fast pace for the most part and kept you hanging on. The end sort of sucked but was needed though and given the story arc though was anticipated. Even the characters who were lost was sort of "expected" if you look at the Avengers and the Thanos presence from the start.
Let hope the Avengers will come back strong and dish serious damage on Thanos unless the writers will screwed that up too but it's unlikely to happen.
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