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"Daath [knowledge] is the meeting point of subjective and objective consciousness, Inner and Outer experience, and past facing future. We might remember it is a product of Wisdom and Understanding in the first instance. Going down the Tree Daath is formed by thinking, and going up the Tree by feeling. When we have fully transferred the expressions of our mundane lives into Innerworld terms there will be no further necessity for incarnating, and we can live according to our true wills. under such conditions, to think is to act creatively in immediate Time-Space, and turn Force with Form into fact. This means unless individual intelligences were properly geared to each other so that nothing but mutually acceptable thinking occurred, confusion and unbalance would instantly supervene. Man must learn to live as a whole organism before Daath can be properly realised, and this means thinking as a complete consciousness that is not divided against itself."

- William G. Gray (The Ladder of Lights)
"But what, according to you, is a true philosopher?" he asked.

"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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