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Default Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon

As a subject this has been upon my mind quite a bit recently. In part because I think the common idea of it as a subject is wrong. The idea of “Invoking” the goddess into one’s body as the Wiccan belief system employ’s it I think is incorrect. Not specifically the idea of Invocation / Evocation itself but the rational that lies at the core behind its inclusion in the Wiccan structure.

The fact the Wiccan High Priestess or High Priest tries to “Invoke” the goddess into his / her body by drawing down the moon to become one with the Deity is a common practice. Filling themselves with the “Spirit” or “Essence” of said deity and becoming one with them. Basically, allowing themselves to be ridden and possessed. Allowing the deity to speak through them in some instances or provide guidance.

Of course, let’s not ignore all the warnings that go along with the Drawing Down the Moon references.

However, if one goes back into antiquity and the Thessalian witches Drawing Down the Moon didn’t pertain to any of that. There was no idea of Invocation / Evocation at all. That and the rite pretty much applied to one specific Goddess. That goddess being Selene though you could expand it to Luna perhaps if you looked at the Greco / Roman world. But it certainly didn’t apply to Diana, Artemis or even Hekate or any other goddess. One could stretch it to apply to Hekate in her celestial / heavenly influence noting the movements of the moon through the heavens I suppose. But then it would be very specific movements and times that were being tracked.

Figure one of the things that was done was to collect the “Moon Juice” (Virus Lunarae) from the surface of plants and other places. Then incorporate it into love potions and similar things. A foamy substance that would be left upon things. Perhaps a dew like substance from the moon’s presence as it touched the face of the ground.

One might sort of get the idea of the story of Selene and Endymion from that imagery. It suggests the moon being both up close and personal and having a strong love aspect. It also suggests another worldly influence in that Endymion fathers 50 daughters with Selene but retains his youth and looks while he dreams and sleeps. There is even a Thessaly connection as Endymion initially hails from there. There is also an astronomy connection as well in that Endymion was also supposed to have been an astronomer which is where he gets his love of Selene.

Part of drawing down the moon occurred during eclipses when the moon was blood red and you took the blood of the goddess. Part of drawing down the moon occurred when the moon was hung unusually low on the horizon so seemed to be touching the earth anyway.

I recall being at sea and one moon stayed low on the horizon when we were in the Aegean Sea. That night the moon never rose but sat there on the horizon and cast a bright singular beam across the ocean which shown upon our ship. Looked like a spotlight directed at our ship to be honest. The moon so bright it knocked out the stars in the sky. Yet the other ships that were outside of that beams seemed shallow somehow. Yet every wire in the mast was illuminated, water on the decks sparkled like diamonds and the ship seemed to glow under the light. Even the green algae from our wake seemed to glow brighter. The ships in the beam with us had the same surreal look about them, almost like ghost ships. Spent 6 months in the Med and never encountered another night like that.

Part of Drawing Down the Moon also seemed to know which plants and things to harvest under which moons. Medea is spoken of as drawing down the moon in reference to Luna when gathering “items” that appear to be herbs and plants. But once again it is both a knowledge of plants & herbs but also a knowledge of heavenly movements. Reading the signs in the heavens to say when certain things are to be gathered or are their most potent.

One thing appears clear to me anyway and that is Drawing Down the Moon is about celestial movements and timing. It has nothing to do with Invocation’s or bringing the energy of a goddess into one’s body.

The witches of ancient Thessaly from where the term originates had a connection to Hekate in her dominion of the heavens / celestial influence. They watched the heavens and knew how Selene moved and when she would eclipse or would hang low on the horizon. When her essence and energy would touch the earth with its greatest influence and used that to their benefit. Used it for necromancy, transformation, love workings, wild gathering of plants & herbs and other things.

To me that has always felt wrong and caused me issues in accepting it over the years. Even trying to discuss it with others it felt wrong to me.
So, though I’d share these thoughts of mine. Ironically as all this has been stewing away in my head, I happened to come across the second reference item. Haven’t ordered it yet as I just found it last night. Plan to order it though and will give an opinion once I get it in.


Drawing Down the Moon: Magic in the Ancient Greco-Roman World - Radcliffe G. Edmonds III An unparalleled exploration of magic in the Greco-Roman world - ISBN:
Published: 07/02/2019
Copyright: 2019
Pages: 496
Size: 6.12 x 9.25 in.
Illus: 22 b/w illus.
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