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Default Re: Drawing Down the Moon

Though I'd further this topic a bit and present a few theories for discussion and see what people think about them regarding “Moon Juice” (Virus Lunarae) and what I think it could possibly be. Granted it's just speculation on my part and some UPG without any legitimate source to back it up source wise. Then give a bit of mythological and historical lore of the area as frontal information which might be informative if nothing else.

First here's a map of ancient Thessaly to orient to the 5 regions that made up the area. Don't figure the exact names are important to this particular discussion at this point. The main points that are important I think are Mount Olympus home of the Gods laid on the Northern Border, Mount Pelion home of Chiron the Centaur laid on the Southern end and was considered one of the most magical spots for healing / teaching. Thessaly itself was considered to be backwards and somewhat remote from the more advanced and civilized Southern Greece and Macedonia to the North. Additionally, due to its mountainous borders it was also somewhat protected from other areas.

As I presented earlier "moon Juice" or Virus Lunarae was a foamy substance that would be left upon the surface of plants or other things when the moon was drawn down. So the idea of the Moon being drawn down was either pulling it from the sky to the earth or pulling it from the sky during an eclipse where it turned red (blood ?) and vanished. Leaving this "Moon Juice" upon the landscape. Yet the stories imply this was done during the night, though they don't say if it was early night, late night, close to dawn as the moon falls, etc. Only that it was during the night. The hours when the witch would be protected by the darkness. Yet just for discussion purpose's lets add the idea of Hekate as a liminal goddess to the mix and her period of liminal time being dusk and dawn. Disclaimer this is conjecture on my part here.

Part of the landscape of Thessaly is mountain range, used to great extent to protect and conceal. Yet it is also subject to clouds, fogs, mists, rain which tend to obstruct, conceal and reduce visibility. I live in the mountains and have seen ground fogs that develop in minutes that block the sky out in nothing flat. The moon simply vanishes. High winds come in and bring high clouds and again take the moon out. Yet no sound is made down in the valley. That or a low scream or roar across the peaks is all we hear but if you don't know what it is.

Still that doesn't explain what the "moon Juice" is. A foamy looking substance. In the winter it could be a form of hoar frost or rime frost. Doesn't have to snow or anything for that to develop. All you need is a bit of moisture and a bit of cold air or cold air and wind and it will appear on everything. Often can be a foamy white looking color, almost like semen. Collect it and store it as it's easily gathered off of whatever surface its collected on and can be stored in any container as it melts. It's pretty pure as it contains no pollutants and would be seen as coming from the god's / goddesses. It only lasts in its frozen / purified form until Helios touches it first thing in the morning and flushes it away into the soil to hand it over the the underworld as a chthonic offering basically.

So that works for late fall, winter and early spring. But doesn't work for the rest of the year. But then what is hoar frost and rime frost made from? Basically it's dew. Nothing but plain dew, moisture in the air that collects on the surface of plants and other things that subjected to cold freezes. Yet dew is seen during the rest of the year as well. Go into the fields or mountains just before dawn and you'll find it on the leaves and such. Let a light source hit it and many times it will reflect the light like a foamy glob. Watch the rising sun hit a spider web with the nightly dew still hanging upon the strands and it shimmers and has a shinny sheen about it.

However, dew or frost alone still to me doesn't fully answer the question. I think the surface that it is collecting on also comes into play. Again as I pointed out above when I was at sea on the ship the moon barely rose above the horizon on that one occasion. The rigging on our mast sparkled with the moisture and the moon's beams upon it. The water droplets on the hull and weather decks looked like diamonds on our ship and made the other ships near us look like ghost ships they changed so much in how they appeared that night.

So I think the same would apply upon land and what ever plant the water was collecting upon. In that case the person collecting the "moon Juice" would have to have knowledge of herbal properties I think. In part because I think the properties of the particular plant will in part be infused into that "moon Juice"

While the "Moon Juice" was seen for love influences there are references to it being used for other things as well. The moon Juice created during a normal full moon would technically be different than that created during a lunar eclipse for instance.

I haven't discovered if the Hellenic lore recognized different moon's to the extend of say harvest moons / blood moons / hunters moons / etc. Yet in other lore each of those moon's has not only a distinct size but often a distinct color so potentially would produce a distinct "moon Juice". Which could potentially produce something aimed at different usages. Far beyond simply the blood of say an eclipse moon.

Granted again this is pretty much me speculating on "moon Juice" and what I think it might have been and how it might have been created. That it would be an everyday occurrence would be normal but that which was created on the full moon or eclipse moon would be extra potent as it were. I think certain harvest sites would be more powerful than others, as would certain times would be more powerful than others of the night.

SO what do others think of my theory?
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