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Default Re: Energy "coding" / programming methods

Originally Posted by Blackwolf View Post
Would you do me a favor , Cran'Thun ?

I read and reread your post , and I can
not see how those methods you described
suggest your conclusion...

Could you elaborate ?

( thanks )...

Now , I could agree with your conclusion...

I await your further explanation , before I post...
Originally Posted by katiafish View Post
Sorry to barge in, Cran'Thun, why even create a ball for programming? Isnt programming the same as intent intensified?
Sorry, the right words failed me at the time I wrote my post. What I meant was that in my experience I have noticed that when I program energy that my program works much better when the energy I am working with is gathered in a small area as opposed to a wider area.

For example: If I let energy travel out of my finger or my hand to do something and I try to program the energy like that my program ends up being very ineffective but when I concentrate an amount of energy into a small space such as a ball or spread out in a small area and program it then my program ends up being more effective.

And yes katiafish, programming the energy would come down to intent intensified.
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