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Default QBLH 101: tifferet (the 6th emanation)

Tiphareth is the central Sephirah of the Tree of Life,
the keystone-of the whole creation, holding the balance
between all the other Sephiroth which it connects: between
God in the Highest in Kether and the physical Universe of
Malkuth; betweenthe upper and lower poles of the psyche
in Daath and Yesod: between the opposites of Chokmahand
Binah,Chesed and Geburah, Netzach and Hod; between the
similarpotencies of Chesedand Hod, Geburah and Netzach;
in fact it is truly the Mediating Intelligence assigned to it
by the Yetziratic Text.. There is fruitful scope for meditation
in all the triangles formed by, the Paths leading between
Tiphareth and the other Sephiroth and without knowledge
of what all these Paths represent and their inter-relationship
there can never be full understanding of Tiphareth.
The same applies to the other Sephiroth, of course, but the
inter-relationships of Tipharethare so fundamental and
various that an understanding of Tiphareth is almost
synonymous with an understanding of the whole Tree. It is
the Sephirah of Beauty, which means the Divine Plan
carried through into manifestation as it should be.

2. The Yetziratic Text states that all the influences 'of
the other Emantions,or Sephiroth, flow into Tiphareth where
they are blessed with an imprint of over-all unity. This
Sephirah then is the integrating aspect of the whole Tree,
leading towards synthesis and unity, which is a' state
towards which humanity has beenstruggling for thousands
of years and the lack of whichisthe prime cause of, pain
and suffering. It is because Tiphareth represents the goal
to which all must attain that its Virtue is that of Devotion
to the Great, Work. And as, within the soul of man, the
Great Work is regeneration, or rebirth, the Sephirahis full
of the symbolism of death, and resurrection. It is the
Sephirah of all the Redeemer Gods, including, of course the
Supreme exemplar of human redemption, Our Lord Jesus

3. The Spiritual Experiences of the Sephirah are two in
number instead of the usual one. This signifies that there
are two sides to Tipharethand indeed it is par excellence a
linking Sephirah, reconciling the upper part of the Tree
to the lower. There is 'a .split in 'normal' human consciousness,
brought about by the Original Fall and this is
symbolised by The Gulf, placed just below Tiphareth. The
average man has little conception of the vast sphere of
his divine consciousness above the levels of the work-a-day
mind and will only be aware ofTiphareth consciousness if
he is of a religious persuasion. Even then he may have no
great functional awareness of the realisations of this great
sphere which confers a Vision ofthe Harmony ofThings and
an understanding of the Mysteries of the Crucifixion. And
it is realisation which is the important thing, not a mere
intellectual theoretical conception.

4. The colours of '. the Sephirahare pinks, yellows and
ambers which can be best perceived in the supreme beauties
of the horizon at sunset and dawn. The Name of God in
thisSephirah is Jehovah Aloah va Daath, meaning God
Made Manifest in the Sphere ofMind, but unfortunately God
is little manifest in the mind of man at the present time.
S. Harmony, or Beauty, implies health and healing and
so Raphael, the ,Archangel 'which standeth in the Sun' is
obviously an' integral part of Tiphareth. In ritual working
he is the Archangel who guards the Eastern ,quarter which
is the quarter of the Element of Air. The East has always
been regarded "as the, source of holiness; 'it is the point
where the light of the sun first appears after the long hours
of night, just as the, Spiritual Light dawns in the darkness
of unillumined consciousness. The Element of Air is also
a symbol of the Spirit, free-moving and unconfined, penetrating

6. Raphael can be visualised, as an alternative to the
Sephirothic colours, in the colours, of gold and blue of 'the
shining disc of the sun in a clear sky, raying the healing
and sustaining powers of sunlight, which include the forces
of' radiant heat, infra-red and ultra-violet besides .the
spiritual enlightenment and quickening of life of ,the Sun
behind the Sun. He can be pictured with wings which fan
the air causing a rush of fire and air which revitalises the
forcea of' anyaura it contacts-it is a great contact of
healing, spiritual and psychological as well as physical.

7. The order of Angels are called Malachim, Kings, and
can be considered as healing and life-bringing agents under
the presidency of Raphael. There is great healing power
in nature of course, the Sphere of the Elements, and the
Four, Elemental, Kings, the Rulers of the peoples of each
Element can be assigned to Tiphareth, though the' Sphere
of the Elements pertains really to Malkuth

A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism
"But what, according to you, is a true philosopher?" he asked.

"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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